Recent Messenger outages

UPDATE (2016-02-12): After more investigation, it seems the DNS reported in some regions (especially in Europe) will connect you to servers that are no longer operating.  Reviver has been updated to fix this issue.  If you are having this problem, please revive Messenger again using Messenger Reviver 2.4.7.


In the last 24-36 hours, a handful of users have been reporting infrequent outages resulting in error code 80072efd (can’t connect to the server).  Waiting a few minutes and just trying again usually will remedy the problem.

Four days ago it was reported on the forum that all the bn1 category servers had disappeared, but the actual connectivity problems with Messenger were not reported until several days later.

So far I have not seen the issue on any of my accounts and therefore have not yet been able to properly investigate the situation. However, at the moment my best guess is that the servers are being reorganized in some way and when you get the error message, you’ve been redirected to a server that is no longer operating. At the end of 2014, the same problem occurred when some of the servers started to phase out direct MSNP and HTTP access.  However, I think this might a bit of a different situation.

Although it may or may not be related, during the same time period I have also seen some disconnections with Skype causing it to sign out completely, which usually mean the server has signed me out automatically.  These sign outs might indicate that Skype’s infrastructure is also being changed too.

Unfortunately the inner-workings of the Messenger servers have never been completely fully known, so we’ll have to continue monitoring to see what happens.

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  1. Yeah, so far this has happened to me two or three times and locks me out for a while. Currently can’t sign back in. Living in Europe (UK to be precise) and just commenting to show where the outages might be happening, whether it’s anything to do with where you are and what server you’d automatically be sent to. I’m glad it’s not just me anyway!

  2. living on greece. have the same problem a couple days now!!!!!!!

  3. I had no issues singin in with my live account.
    Untill i rebooted my system and forgot to signout.

    Now i cannot sign in anymore with my live account.
    Hotmail still works.
    I had this problem before, and a simple cleanup for a cache folder did the magic.
    But this time no luck! 😦

    • After allot of attemps i´m back in again.
      Not sure if it was just a coincidental luck.
      But i deleted the messenger cache folder from the temp folder.

  4. Try many times to log in without result 😦

  5. I am a bit puzzled by this post and subsequent thread. I thought Messenger was phased out and superseded by Skype some while ago. It was no hardship as I was on Skype already and had few contacts on ‘live’ Messenger.

    What gives?

  6. Why do I get a black screen when I login into Messenger? I uninstalled Plus and reinstalled the aplication and the problem is still there. Please someone help me!!!!

  7. Zdeamon TheMaster

    Lol you seam to know alot about the server stuff for msn , I have a unofficial msn server but login protocol needs to be updated to use the msn 2009+ clients , would you be willing to help me ? I have the source code for the server i have. I have taken the server and source and since then updated it and put more work into it since its original creator abandoned the project.

    I have created separate server exes that will accept the msn 2009 login version but the sha1 function im missing so the server can authenticate the client.

    Currently the only clients that can connect are the ones that use the md5 protocol and not the sha1.

    Please Note: the only way to currently connect to this server is you have to block the msn server Address for the main server at

    unless you and i can come up with away to change the address of the server and client.

    MSNP 9 is the version for msn 2009 client, which i would assume means MSN Protocol 9.

    I also have MSNP 8 exe created

    Msn login code taken from the msn console on server side for the MSNP 9 exe – as you can see it accepts the login but cannot go from there as the msn client 8 + uses SHA1 protocol [&#X02639] .

    If you have any newer MSWINSCK.ocx versions past 2009 and would like to send them or work with me on this project i would be more than willing to work with you.


    Screenshot Captured with Lightshot


    Screenshot Captured with Lightshot


    Screenshot Captured with Lightshot


    Screenshot Captured with Lightshot


    Screenshot Captured with Lightshot


  8. Jonathan G Marques

    Hey, can we get an update for mac? I’ve being trying but still have service off.

  9. how do i get the plus extention?

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