Happy third anniversary Messenger Reviver 2!

Happy Anniversary

It was on this day, three years ago, that Messenger sign-ins started being blocked by the official Messenger client and three years ago that Messenger Reviver 2 was released.

Although we’ve lost some features over time, access to versions prior to 2009 and unfortunately most of the third-party clients haven’t kept up with the required changes, you can still use Windows Live Messenger today.

Thank you for your support!


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  1. #MessengerReviveris3 thank you jonathan for making us still smile………..

  2. thank you Jonathan for your hard work and dedication in keeping many of us connected to each other in the way we love and prefer most.

  3. 🙂

    “you can still use Windows Live Messenger today”
    Just curious: why would I want to, when there is Skype, Yahoo Messenger…?…

    • Some of us prefer to use Windows messenger.

    • the most important
      motivation is that if you link msn e-mail and skype, you can chat with your friends with skype!

      • Alexis, MS announced the discontinuation of WLMessenger years ago. If you wish to hang on to it, fine, but don’t complain about it. Some people might prefer to run Windows 2000. Fine, but it is unsupported by MS and probably a risk if connected to the internet.

        • Alexis, PS. What on earth is “MSN email”?

          • bonjour,das1951,MSN email c’est tout simplement windows live messenger 2012,anciennement MSN messenger pour ceux qui l’on connu sous ce non,quant a MSN email c’est tout simplement pour voir c’est mai dirrectement sans passer par un naviguateur,voila je pensse que j’ai rĂ©pondu a la question poser et j’espaire que c’est la rĂ©ponsse que vous attendais,sinon essayer de contacter Jonathan kay, il vous en dira plus je pensse.

            • Changarnier, a messenger service is not email.
              BTW,I am just curious why I have to correct your spelling mistakes in order to get Google Translate to understand your text correctly…e.g. “pensse”, “mai”, “espaire”… 🙂

            • Changanier, it is news to me that a messenger service = email…

    • mes si tu n’aime pas windows live messenger,et bien tu n’a rien a faire la parce que c’est une page qui est prĂ©vu pour windows live messenger,autremendit MessengerReviver.car moi justement je n’aime pas skype parce que il ce sont permis de couper windows live messenger sans rien demander au personne concerner donc en parlant poliment ton skype tu te le fous ou je pensse.

    • Is there any Photo Gallery (+ fromer embedded video sharing), custom emoticons, individual status for different partners/groups, handwriting, etc in Skype? Doesn’t seems so for me.
      Only in video and voice chat was Skype beter, but in any other chatting WLM was/is far better than any other chat clients.

      • bonsoir, je m’excuse de vous dire sa mes ici on ne parle pas de skype,mes uniquement de windows live messenger, autremendit MessengerReviver.
        donc si vous avez des probléme ou des choses a dire adresser vous directement a skype, et la il vous répondrons, du moin je pensse.

      • Ok, I wouldn’t know. I had very few contacts on WLMessenger whereas I have loads on Skype, both biz and private. There are more users on WhatsApp but I am so far declining to share my telephone number with any such app.
        Skype is sufficient for my needs. I can transfer files and transmit emoticons and emojis, though I use only a small selection because I find I can express myself in a few words just fine and I have discovered that some of the more sophisticated ones can be misunderstood.

    • Because skype is a buggy, memory-leaking, ad-bombarding, useful-chat-moderation-features-getting-ripped-out, force-updating piece of shit maybe?
      And Yahoo messenger was never common in Euroland. ICQ on the other hand was, but they’ve effectively killed that as well, trying to turn it from a desktop IM to a wannabe whatsapp clone..

  4. Thank you Jonathan for all your hard work and dedication in keeping us connected in a way we prefer!

  5. bonjour, et bonne anniversaire a MessengerReviver,et merci surtout a jonathan kay qui fait tout pour récupéré windows live messenger 2012,et a le maintenir envie.
    jespaire que sa durera encore des année merci

  6. Eu agradeço tanto seu trabalho! É muito bom que o Messager continue vivo e espero que possa ser assim por muito tempo 😀

  7. Thank you!

  8. Thank you Jonathan!

  9. Thank you Jonathan. Due to your efforts, I’m still capable of talking with my friend over MSN. Hopefully this will stay for a long time to come.

    • hey shane.would you like to give you my msn e-mail to add me if you like ? 🙂

      • And who might you be then? Because I don’t add strangers to my Messenger. Do you know me perhaps?

        • so you dont know me …SO??? why you dont add people who still use msn??? i dont get that…… -.-

          • Because, again, I don’t add random strangers. Its pretty normal. I only add close friends. I’m not adding people just because they happen to use MSN too. I only add those I really have come to know. Same with Skype, really. Sorry.

  10. Hello Jonathan

    J’ai un problĂšme avec messenger. Je t’explique.

    J’utilisais Messenger et voulant utiliser la camĂ©ra avec mon copain, impossible

    Je dĂ©sinstalle et rĂ©-installe mais surprise, on m’oblige Ă  installer Skype.

    Peux-tu me donner la solution Ă  mon problĂšme?

    P.S. MĂȘme mon technicien n’y arrive pas. Sniff!!!

    • bonjour,xtlane,je ne suis pas jonathan,mes je peux te donner la solution,pour cela il te suffi de tĂ©lĂ©charger MessengerReviver et de l’installer et aprĂ©s il faut juste suivre les instructions,puis une fois que c’est fait il te suffira de cliquer sur windows live messenger 2012 parce que il n’y a plus que celui si qui fonctionne,et comme sa tu rĂ©cupairera toute les fonction et tu n’aura pas skype,voila je pensse que je tes tout dit et si tu a toujour un problĂ©me a ce sujet tu peux toujour contacter jonathan,mes je pensse qu’avec sa tu n’aura pas a le faire.

      • Bonjour

        J’ai suivi tes instructions et bien vrai que Messenger est installĂ© mais…..toujours dans l’impossibilitĂ© d’avoir une conversation vidĂ©o(camĂ©ra) avec mes contacts.

        J’ai dĂ©sinstallĂ©e celle-ci et rĂ©-installĂ©e mais aucun changement. On me donne toujours le mĂȘme code d’erreur :


        Y a t-il une solution Ă  mon problĂšme?

        • bonsoir,xtlane,cela vien peux ĂȘtre de ta web cam si sa ce trouve,et donc si tu en a une autre, il faudrais que tu essai pour voir,mes avent d’essayer il faut vĂ©rifier si les pilote ou driver son bon,et si il y a u une mise a jour,il faut dĂ©sinstaller la mise a jour et remetre l’encienne version,une fois que sa c’est fait et que tu a toujour le mĂȘme problĂ©me, dans c’est k la essai une nouvelle web cam, si tu en a une autre, parce que sa peut venir de sa aussi.
          une fois que tout sa cera fait dans c’est k la il faudra que tu contacte jonathan kay,et je pensse que lui il poura faire qu’elle que chose.
          a oui j’oublier une chose, une foi que tu a fait tout sa, il faut que tu veriffi ton dĂ©bit de ton opĂ©rateur,parce que il peux arriver que les web cam ne fonctionne pas a cause de sa, parce que cela dĂ©pent aussi du dĂ©bit.
          et si tu veux un conseille pour une web cam, les mĂ©illeur que je connaisse aujourd’huit, ce sont les logitech, du moin dans toute celle que j’ai tester.
          voila je pensse que je vous est tout dit.
          une fois que tout sa cera fait, comme je vous les dit il faudra contacter jonathan kay.
          tenais moi au courant quand mĂȘme.

          • Bonjour

            Te dire que je ne sais pas trop comment faire pour vĂ©rifier les pilotes, driver et dĂ©bit de mon opĂ©rateur comme tu me l’Ă©cris. Je n’y connais rien.

            Je vais essayĂ© de trouver quelqu’un qui s’y connaĂźt et je t’en redonne des nouvelles.

            Merci,qui que tu sois.

  11. For Xtiane
    Windows Live Messenger: Webcam started only with eMail adress hotmail.com
    Others eMails —-> X

  12. Its that time again….Windows 10 is reporting the latest Reviver version as a false positive virus yet again. How is this possible? Any way to get past it?

    • I submitted the false positive request late on Friday after discovering this but it seems they don’t work weekends. I expect it’ll be resolved tomorrow and in the update the subsequent day.

      For now though, I suggest you temporarily turn off the real-time scanning by going to Start, Settings, choose Update & Security (or System if you’re using an older version of Windows 10), choose Windows Defender and turn off the Real-time Protection. You can then proceed. The option will automatically turn itself back on so you do not need to remember to switch it back.

      • Okay thanks. But in addition, it also seems Windows Defender is bugged and keeps on giving false positive, even after I so-call remove the “infected” file after trying to use said file prior. This seems to be Windows Defender having some kind of bug.

  13. You’re the best. Honestly. Been using MSN revival without any issues since MS stopped support. Fortunately msn plus features have continued to work with msn. Thank you for all your hard work Jonathan!

  14. Hello, everybody. Thank you jonathan. My win 7 doesnt open messenger because of that error: api-ms-core-errorhandling-l1-1-1.dll. Can u help me?

  15. Hello Jonathan,

    Thank you for all you’ve done so far! I think the ride might be over for me since installing windows 8.1.

    My contacts all show offline, in spite of me knowing that they are online (through checking skype or hotmail). I’m not sure if there’s a fix for this, and I’ve already deleted the messenger cache.

    Sorry to bother you, I would just hate to lose it.

  16. Looking for people to chat to?

  17. Hello, I was happy to use MSN again but I lost all my contacts on it, because they switched to Skype… So I want to uninstall msn but it doesn’t appear in my windows programs, how do I uninstall it please?

  18. I love MSN! Thank you very much for make people happy. Me and my friend still prefer to use msn to Skype or other systems.

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