Messenger Reviver 2 Discontinued

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that Messenger Reviver 2 has come to an end. reviver2.png

On May 18th, 2017 Microsoft shut down the last Messenger server, preventing Windows Live Messenger from being revived any further.

MSN Messenger first came online July 22, 1999 making public access to the servers available for a total of 17 years, 9 months and 27 days.  In the 2000s, Messenger dominated the instant messaging world, being used for text, voice, video, remote assistance, game invitations, and enjoyed both for business and personal use.  Massive communities and long-lasting relationships were formed around all around the world on Messenger-related websites and tools like and Messenger Plus!  Even today, despite hundreds of new messaging applications, still no client has yet to match the features and customization options of Windows Live Messenger.

Jonathan and Kurt

Messenger MVPs – Jonathan and Kurt Robaer at Microsoft, 2007

I originally got involved with the Messenger community back in 2001 as part of the Windows XP beta “Associate Experts” program, and quickly became a Microsoft MVP for Messenger, a position I held for over 10 years.  After Messenger officially “shut down”, I released Reviver to continue making Messenger connect to the Microsoft servers, and that has continued for over four years, with 98 versions of changes and fixes.  The original versions of Reviver only required a small adjustment to Messenger itself, but later on DNS servers, proxy servers and even modifications to Windows itself were needed to keep Messenger working.  I also expanded into versions on OS X/MacOS for Messenger:Mac and Adium, as well as aMSN.  It’s been quite a ride!

Previously, I have not taken donations for my work but as this is the end of the Messenger Reviver 2 chapter, I feel comfortable now putting out my PayPal tip jar for any who feels Reviver has been useful to them over the years.paypalme
Back in 2015 when it first appeared that the Messenger servers might not be available for much longer, I recorded a video of myself going through all the available versions of Messenger discussing and comparing the various features as well as telling some stories about the software.  I present it to you below or you can watch it on YouTube:

Although you can no longer use Messenger with the public Microsoft servers, you can continue using the older versions of Messenger on a new private server called Escargot.  You can find contacts to add on this forum topic.

This blog, forum and chat will continue operating, so please stay subscribed for news and discussion on Escargot and other Messenger related topics.

You have a several options to continue to communicate to your contacts on what was formerly known as the .NET Messenger network.  Of course, you can use Skype, but also Miranda-NG, Pidgin with EionRobb’s, SkypeWeb plugin, or SkypeWeb with other libpurple-compatible clients like Bitlbee.  You can also use the web-versions of Skype at or on

MessengerReviver_2017-05-19_22-41-38A final version of Messenger Reviver 2 is now available that you can download as a memento which retains all the original features you can explore or even just open it up to play around with the Easter eggs.

If you have looked at the Reviver About screen previously, you would have seen many important people who made Reviver possible when it was first released.  For the final release, I’ve also added the people who have been vital over the years I have been supporting and working on Reviver, and I would like to thank them here too: Emil, John, Tasos, Dean, Petri, Jeff, Mariano, Esteban, Peri, Alexis, dx, Jacko, Javier, and Raul, thank you for your friendship, endless discussions about Messenger, many late nights and supporting me and my projects.

Patchou and I

Jonathan and Patchou in 2006

Additionally, I would like to thank Patchou for creating Messenger Plus! Plus! was the cornerstone of the Messenger community for many years, indispensable for adding missing vital Messenger features and responsible for many relationships and careers for so many people.  Furthermore, I’d like to thank wtbw for always being available for reverse engineering assistance and pointers.

Thanks to Valtron for building the new private Messenger server and giving Messenger continued life.

Finally, a special thanks to all of you who have been users of Messenger Reviver 2 for so long.  You have made this journey a great and memorable part of my life and I greatly appreciate all the kind words and support over the years. Please stay in touch!  You can reach me on the new Escargot server by adding the user, on Skype by adding trekie, my website, the forum, or here on this blog.

I think it’s appropriate to end with my favourite wink, the UFO, which can be both a hello and a goodbye.

Jonathan Kay


Hello there, MSN butterfly!


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  1. Thank you very much for letting me enjoy MSN. I really appreciate your hard work. It was fun while it lasted…Big sighs here. MSN, it shall be missed. Guess I have to use Skype now…
    It’s funny, back then, I used to dislike it. And now, well, I really enjoyed using it. I was surprised that it was still running, since i thought they closed the servers down last year…
    So this is it, huh..

  2. Thank you Jonathan for keeping Messenger going for us as long as possible. I met new people and even made a lifelong friend through the use of MSN. I’m still talking to that lifelong friend now via Skype, but it’s just not the same; I miss my custom emotes =/ (All these years and they STILL don’t have that feature in Skype? Why? Is it too hard to program?).

    I did sign up for the Escargot server and got MSN 7.5 working on it, so there’s that at least. Going to try and convince my friend to try it out too.

    • You’re welcome AB 🙂 I think the biggest issue facing Skype development in the past few years has been that they keep starting from scratch with the newer Skype versions (for Windows 8 and 10). In fact they’ve done it several times now, as well as building out android and iOS versions. I don’t think a lot of money is going towards Skype presently and there’s only so many people working there. Perhaps one day when they get their all these versions stabilized, they can start adding former Messenger features. At least one can hope 🙂

  3. iGiftedSpade

    Thank you for keeping msn messenger/live messenger running as long as possible. loving the escargot server. i’m trying to convince all of my friends to use the escargot server instead of the original server that turned into Skype.

  4. You know, now that I think of it….if the Escargot project goes well starting now, people like you Jonathan and Valtron, could end up making a spiritual successor to MSN several years down the line. A rebirth as you will. That would be amazing to see.

  5. So sad to see it go like this. Hey,who knows, maybe in the future escargot can support older ;SM releases and custom emoticons like we all had back in the day! Regardless, all of your efforts are admirable, good job and best of luck in your future projects!

  6. Hey, Jonathan. Thank you for your hard work keeping it running all this time, you have no idea how much it helped me. I’m already missing it, so I decided to try escargot private server, I chose 7.5 version, installed the msn program, the switcher, created an account as asked, but when I try to log in comes a message: “Sorry we were unable to sign you in. Your firewall may be blocking…” error: (80048820). I’m not sure if I’m logging in the right way, didn’t understand exactly when I was told to put the password in the e-mail field. Do you know what is wrong? One last question: Is there any hope about WLM’s last versions to run throught escargot servers? Miss my emoticons =/ Thank so much for your help all this time.

    • Greetings Daniel. Since you’re having difficulty, I would recommend you use the 7.0 prepackaged version to start. Just download the zip file, extract to a location of your choice, and then just run msnmsgr.exe. The 7.0 version does seem to work better and you don’t need to do anything special with logging in.

      If you’re still having difficulty, check out the forum as there’s plenty of help available from myself and others 🙂

  7. Hi Jonathan, Great work with the reviver. It was fun while it lasted.

    Is there anyway I can recover my avatar picture? Is it saved under the Program Files?

    • Hi Brix. I’m afraid it’s a bit more complicated than that. To get to your display pictures, press the windows key and R to together on the keyboard to bring up the Run box. Then put the following into the Open field:

      then click OK, and you’ll get a Messenger folder with the Microsoft account email addresses used in Messenger listed. Just open the one corresponding to your account, go to the ObjectStore folder and then open the UserTile folder.

      In the UserTile folder, you’ll see both .dt2 and .id2 files. The .dt2 files are the display pictures, which will be either PNG or GIFs. I recommend copying them to a new folder and then you can rename them there. If you want to figure out what each image is before renaming, just drag and drop each file into a web browser and the browser will display it.

  8. When I try sending pictures/images to people with MSN 7.0, my MSN crashes. Anyone else experiencing this, or have any solutions?

    • You have to uninstall MSN Switcher. So you can start your account created in escargot without having to put your password in the part of the email. This way you can see the images of your contacts and you can send files. Excuse my bad english I am Spanish.

  9. Hi Jonathan, first of all I want to thank you for all your hard work, effort and dedication, to keep MSN Windows Live Messenger working, please just tell me one thing, today 05/29/2017 when I tried to access my msn, I could not get in , And from what I read in Messenger Geek, it is now definitive? There is no other way to access MSN? Skype is not an option!

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