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Messenger Reviver 2

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March 12, 2015
Now Windows Live Messenger 2012 only
With the removal of the last servers supporting the older version of the Messenger protocol, versions of Messenger prior to Windows Live Messenger 2012 will no longer work.

If you’re using Windows XP, Mac OS X, Linux, or any other non-Microsoft Messenger client, you will need to either use Skype or the web-based Messenger client in

Windows Live Messenger 2012 current issues:

  • When you sign in you will briefly see a message indicating that your e-mail address is not verified.  This started on on March 5th.  It can be ignored.
  • Hyperlinks will need to be copy/pasted to a browser as they presently don’t show up as a hyperlink.

Messenger Reviver 2 automatically installs, repairs and/or modifies Windows Live Messenger 2012, 2011, 2009, and 2008 as well as Windows Messenger to continue signing in despite being blocked by Microsoft.

Reviver 2 supports modifying all language versions and can automatically install either 2009 or 2011/2012 versions in 47 different languages.

You will receive one of the following messages if you’re being forced to upgrade to Skype:
A newer version is available.  You must install the newer version in order to continue.  Would you like to do this now?
A newer version has been downloaded and is available.  You must install this newer version in order to continue.  Would you like to do this now?

Update Forced

To bypass the forced upgrade, download my Messenger Reviver 2 utility and run the application.  As this requires changes to Messenger you may receive a message asking you to allow Reviver to make changes to your computer.

Reviver will automatically attempt to detect if Messenger is still installed, which versions are eligible for modification and if you need to run a repair or new installation to bring Messenger back (if Skype has removed it).

Download Messenger Reviver 2

Also available: Messenger Reviver 2 zipped if you are experiencing problems with running Reviver.

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Messenger Reviver 2

To revive Messenger, click Start and the process will automatically modify Messenger and restart it.

If Windows Live Essentials is not installed, you will presented with options to either install Messenger 2009 or 2012 in the language of your choosing.  Reviver will attempt to guess which language you prefer based on your prior Windows and Essentials language settings.

Additionally if Essentials is still installed, but Skype has removed it, you will be offered to repair your Essentials installation.

revivernewinstall Reviver Repair

Advanced options If you wish to do a manual re-install or repair, you can select these options by clicking the Advanced button and choosing the function you would like.

If you are attempting to revive Windows Messenger on Windows XP and do not have Windows Live Messenger already installed, use the Patch Messenger option in this menu to revive it without further Live Essentials installation.

Easter Eggs
As Messenger Reviver 2 will probably be my last exclusive Messenger project, I have added a few small Easter eggs into the application for fun.

Animated MSN butterfly
MSN Butterfly When you open Reviver, you’ll find an animated MSN butterfly in the main window.  This is the original butterfly that flew around from MSN Messenger 5.0.  Based on highly advanced software engineering, the butterfly will fly around, flaps its wings or just sit quietly.  If you click the butterfly when it’s not busy, it will react accordingly.

Messenger spinner
signinani If you click the About button, you’ll find the original Messenger signing in spinning animation in the top-left hand corner.

The MSN sound
Back in 1996, MSN had a sound they used for their advertising which accompanied the various letters of M-S-N.  I was fairly fond of it, and I’ve included it in Reviver.  Single-click the above mentioned spinner to initiate the sound and watch the letters light up.

There’s one more small addition, but I’ll let you find that one yourself:)

If you need help…
Please leave a comment here, visit the forum, the live chat, or contact me directly.

Version history

May 26 2016
  • Support for Windows 10 14352
May 10 2016
  • Support for Windows 10 14342
  • Starting to remove old 2009 code and user interface
Apr 26 2016
  • Support for Windows 10 14332
Apr 22 2016
  • Support for Windows 10 14328
Apr 6 2016
  • Support for Windows 10 14316
Mar 25 2016
  • Support for Windows 10 14295
Mar 17 2016
  • Support for Windows 10 14291
Mar 4 2016
  • Support for Windows 10 14279
Feb 24 2016
  • Support for Windows 10 14271
Feb 18 2016
  • Support for Windows 10 14267
Feb 12 2016
  • Patches Messenger to a new Messenger server host as the existing one was resulting in “can’t connect” (error 80072efd) messages in some locales
Feb 3 2016
  • Support for Windows 10 14257
Jan 27 2016
  • Support for Windows 10 10586.71
  • Support for Windows 10 14251
Jan 21 2016
  • Support for Windows 10 11102
Jan 13 2016
  • Support for Windows 10 11099
Dec 17 2015
  • Support for Windows 10 11082
Nov 5 2015
  • Support for Windows 10 10586
Oct 30 2015
  • Support for Windows 10 10576
Oct 18 2015
  • Support for Windows 10 10568 (64-bit only)
Oct 12 2015
  • Support for Windows 10 10565 (If you receive error code 81000306 after upgrading, press the Retry button)
Oct 3 2015
  • Support for Windows 10 10558 (64-bit only)
Oct 3 2015
  • Fix for Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB3093266 (was causing 8004882a/800488fe errors)
Sep 18 2015
  • Support for Windows 10 10547
Aug 27 2015
  • Support for Windows 10 10532
Aug 18 2015
  • Support for Windows 10 10525
Aug 10 2015
  • Fix for Windows 10 32-bit versions
  • Support for Windows 10 10162
  • Better Windows 10 detection
  • Better handling of pending reboots
Jul 29 2015
  • Fix for Windows 10 (10240) and the 8004882a error, workaround no longer needed
Mar 21 2015
  • Fixes for installing Messenger 2012 on 64-bit Vista and full Windows Server 2008 support
Mar 17 2015
  • Windows Vista support for installing/reviving Windows Live Messenger 2012 and the other 2012 Essentials
Mar 12 2015
  • Automatically brings up upgrade window if you don’t have 2012 installed
  • Installation of versions other than 2012 is disabled by default
Dec 20 2014
  • Patches Windows Live Messenger 2011 to use the correct Messenger servers
  • Patches Windows Messenger (all versions) to use the correct Messenger servers
  • New support for Windows Messenger 4.7.3000 (Windows XP SP2) and Windows Messenger 5.1.0715
  • Bug when detecting if Live Messenger 2008 has been re-revived fixed
  • Automatically enables TLS support (as now required for Messenger) if it has been turned off
Dec 5 2014
  • Patches Windows Live Messenger 2008 and Windows Live Messenger 2009 to force them to use the correct Messenger servers
  • Fixed a bug when upgrading to Messenger 2012 on Windows Server when the .NET Framework 3.x isn’t installed
Nov 13 2014
  • Fixes both Windows Live Messenger 2008 and Windows Live Messenger 2009 (solves error code 85ae0010 sign in issue)
Apr 16 2014
  • Support for new Messenger 2012 16.4.3528.0331
Feb 19 2014
  • Support for new Messenger 2012 16.4.3522.0110
Sept 09 2013
  • Messenger 2011/2012 has been blocked from being installed on Windows 8.1 due to a compatibility problem with Windows 8.1 I’ve yet been able to fix.
    (This version has been withdrawn as Microsoft has fixed the error in update KB2903939)
May 13 2013
  • Support for new Messenger 2012 16.4.3508.0205
May 07 2013
  • Changes to the detection of Messenger to allow weird modified Program
    Files folder configurations on 64-bit Windows
  • Fixed a rare crash that would happen on new Messenger installs on XP
May 04 2013
  • Now scans all running applications for Messenger file in use
  • Also supports patching the file and rebooting for the change to take effect
  • Added some code to avoid broken Windows Installers
Apr 25 2013
  • Added support for Windows Live Messenger 2008 (8.5.1302.1018)
  • More aggressive in shutting down services that might hold on to the file, hopefully should resolve some of the “waiting” issues
Apr 25 2013
  • Changed how XP clients work as Reviver was trying to patch Windows Messenger and required advanced settings to install Live Messenger again, it should now be automatic on XP
Apr 24 2013
  • Switching the self-extractor to Microsoft’s iexpress to solve some issues, this should prevent the application from not exiting when it’s done its work and hopefully better with security software
Apr 23 2013
  • First release of Messenger Reviver 2

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  1. pal, i have one issue, I can’t seem to add new contacts to my list, is there any way to do it?

    • You can add and accept contacts as per normal. The only exception is if you have multiple requests, in which case you can use Butterfly Messenger to respond to them (and then switch back to normal Messenger).

      Additionally, from time to time the back-end servers for modification of contact lists has experienced outages, but it seems to have been more reliable as of late.

  2. Error Messenger 8004884b. How do I solve it?

  3. I just would like to thank again and again about your wonderful work ! Seriously, thank you for everything. I’m so glad to have MSN back !

  4. Error 80090004. What can i do??????? HEEEEEEEEEEELP.


    Dude, I installed Live Messenger 2012 and Reviver 2, when I clicked on Start button, it was ok… reviving… but, when I insert login e password, it just erase everything (no error message) Do you know how to fix it? Thank u

  6. URL bloqueada: O redirecionamento falhou porque a URl usada não está na lista de liberação nas configurações de OAuth do cliente do aplicativo. Certifique-se de que o login de OAuth do cliente e web esteja ativo e adicione todos os domínios do seu aplicativo como URls válidas de redirecionamento de OAuth.

    • Unfortunately Facebook is no longer supported in Messenger or Microsoft applications. A few more details can be found at the office support site

      • bonjour,jonathan,j’ai trés bien compris que windows live messenger 2012 n’étais plus pris en charge part facebook.
        mes pensser vous que un jour cela puisse revenir sur windows live messenger 2012,parce que moi je suis trés intérésser part cette aplication, ou même une autre aplication qui soit équivalent,moi tout ce que je demande c’est que sa cerais de pouvoir a nouveaux avoir accer a facebook, part l’intermédiére de windows live messenger 2012.
        peux importe l’application temps que sa me donne l’accer a facebook part l’intermédiére de windows live messenger.
        je vous demande donc de bien vouloir faire le necessaire même si cela vous donne du temp,pour moi ce n’est pas trop grave mes c’est surtout pour les autre personne,parce que je pensse que je ne doit pas être la seule personne a avoir ce probléme,et je pensse que je ne doit pas être la seule personne a vous demander cela,mes si c’est le k que je suis la seule personne a vous le demander,je vous demande de bien vouloir me le signaler,et comme sa j’abbandonnerais peux être de demander a droit et a gauche,car je vous le dit tout de suite je ne les pas demander que a vous,car je les aussi demander a facebook puisque c’est eux les premier concerner.
        si toute fois il n’existe pas de solution j’abbandonnerais le projet de windows live messenger avec facebook,mes je vous rassur je n’abbandonnerais pas windows live messenger 2012 bien sur.
        donc si vous pouvier voir avec facebook si il n’existe pas de solution sa cerais super et je vous en remercirais,
        en attendent comme j’ai du vous le dire dans un message préssédant,jutiliserais facebook messenger,mes sa cerais bien d’avoir qu’une seul application au lieux d’en avoir plusieur.
        et donc encore une fois je c’est que je vais me répéter mes je vous en remerci d’avence.

  7. Error: 8004882a. Whats the problem?

  8. Hey, this might be a strange question but for some reason messenger seems to sign me out when I’m sending a message. It’s probably half the time, sometimes it’ll work, sometimes I’ll press enter to send what I’ve typed and it will just sign me out with no error and eventually automatically sign me back in. The message does not go through to who I’m talking to. Was just hoping you’d have some idea what I could do? It’s definitely not my internet connection, everything else is stable. Thanks:)

  9. MSN says I have 5 friend requests, but when I click on the hyperlink (to add them) it auto.
    redirects for a microsoft page and I can not accept

    • bonjour,oui je c’est mes j’ai le même probléme,et je pensse qu’il faut attendre parce que comme il on tout changer au niveaux des serveur,je pensse qu’il faut attendre que sa revienne mes j’ai bien peur que sa dure,parce que depuis qu’il on couper windows live messenger c’est le vrai bordelle car depuis que MessengerReviver a remis en route windows live messenger,tout n’est pas revenue,et je pensse qu’il faut attendre que jonathan kay face le necessaire,parce que je pensse qu’il ne doit pas être au courant car personne ne la signaler,même moi qui est ce probléme la je ne les pas signaler parce que je n’y trouver pas d’inportance,mes si il y a plusieur personne qui on ce probléme la,je pensse qui cerais bien de le signaler,mes pour l’instent on est que deux et donc pour deux personne je ne pensse pas qu’il fera quel que chose.mes signaler le quand même a jonathan kay on ne c’est jamais,défois qu’il aurais u ce probléme de signaler,il poura peux être vous aurianté

    • Alexis.greece

      use butterfly messenger to add contacts


  11. Bonjour; j’ai 2 adresses MSN,pour l’une lorsque j’ouvre la boïte de réception tout fonctionne normalement mais pour l’autre, ça m’ouvre Outlook (et ça me connecte à Skype en même temps). Que ce soit patcher msn, nouvelle installation ou réparation, rien n’y fait. Quelqu’un peut m’aider ? Merci d’avance.

    • bonsoir,pour cela il suffi d’installer msn messenger plus,une fois qu’il est installer il faut aller dans les parramêtre de messenger plus (option et préférence),ensuite il faut aller dans pratique puis compte multiples,et la vous avez une case a cocher qui est la suivante(autoriser la connection simultanée a plusieur comptes messenger),et la vous devrier pouvoir retrouver tout les compte que vous vouler parce que moi j’en est plusieur et il fonctionne tousse en même temp.

      • Bonjour, le problème n’est pas d’avoir plusieurs msn en même temps mais, lorsque j’ouvre ma boîte de réception d’avoir les adresses en pour chaque et non pas une en

  12. Anyone know how to add people that use Skype? Or import your Skype contacts to MSN?

  13. Bonjour, quelqu’un a un compte MSN ici ?
    car je n’ai personne a qui contacter:/
    juste pour tester le service :3
    Pour me contacter :
    Twitter : Zozo59able1

  14. few days I ago,I cant sign in with my password on msn ( msn freezes and then appears a window who says incorrect password ) , the funny thing is that I can enter to outlook with the same mail and pw

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