Monthly Archives: April 2005

MSN Direct Continued

Well, the MSN Direct saga has yet to end.   After getting someone at MSN Direct to confer with (thanks again Sherry), it seems this is what occurred:
"While you were trying to signup the very first time with your Passport the connection between your computer and our setup servers were lost for a few seconds during the crucial setup of your account in our billing system.  This looks to have caused your Passport to become corrupted in our billing system preventing you from signing up further."

Apparently there isn’t anything they can do about this (purging corrupt Passport info isn’t possible?) and the only resolution is to use another Passport, which if you’ve read my previous entry will void any sort of Messenger integration.

I have to admit I’m a tad disappointed.  Since support on the phone seemed to know of this problem before and one other MVP has already told me they had the same (both resolutions being to use another Passport), it sounds to me like there’s a bug in the activation site that needs to be dealt with.