Monthly Archives: March 2008

Easter time

Easter time yet again.  While I consume both my bread bunny from my mother’s work (on left) and various other chocolate treats, I’d like to point out that you can send an Easter egg via

The Easter Eggs have not been updated this year with anything new; but if you’re familiar with the candyhearts, it’s basically the same thing.

Happy Easter!


Community can make a difference

Today the Internet Explorer team announced they had changed their position on making the current IE7 rendering mode the default renderer in IE8.  Instead the default will be the far-more web standards compliant IE8 renderer.

Why the change?  Well although Mary Jo throws out one legal explanation [thanks Dom for the link], the key factor was the vast outcry from developers and other community users on the IE blog and otherwise throughout the blogosphere. 

To be fair, sometimes you have to make unpopular decisions that don’t appease the masses for their better interest.  But I don’t believe this was one, and I think the IE team should be applauded for going back and re-evaluating their decision. 

I don’t believe it is within the better interest to mislead about Messenger running on Windows server and 64-bit versions. 

Side note to my regular readers: I wasn’t planning on dragging this issue out more and this is intended as my last post relating to my petition for awhile (unless the decision is changed anyway).