Hi I’m Jonathan Kay.  I was a Microsoft MVP for 13 years, 10 of them being for Windows Live Messenger.

If you have any feedback or questions, let me know!  You can find out more about me personally at my personal web site.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you find the content here useful in your Messenger and communication endeavours.

  1. Hello Jonathan, I and my friends really want 9.0 version back again. Please T_T
    2011 version don’t available in Windows 8.0 and 8.1
    if you see message, I and my friends really want 9.0 version come back to our T^T

    • bonjour,brett,que ce soit la version 9 ou la version windows live messenger 2012, c’est exactement la même chose,quant au autre sersions, il n’y en a plus, a cause de serveur, d’aprés ce que j’ai compris,et il ne reste plus que la version windows live messenger 2012,et donc si vous vouler vraiment la version 9, il faut voir avec jonathan kay, pour voir si il y a une solution,mes j’ai bien peur que vous soyer obliger de passer a la version windows live messenger 2012.
      voila je pensse que j’ai tout dit a ce sujet.

  2. Langage en Français s.v.p. merci !

  3. do you take donnations? for the hassle of making messenger work?

  4. Salut,

    Par hasard, quelqu’un aurait-il fait un backup des transactions HTTP (avec Fiddler ou Wireshark) lorsque les applis/jeux fonctionnaient?

    En effet, aujourd’hui, le serveur “secure.wlxtrs.com” qui est appelé ne sait plus répondre aux requêtes spécifiques et balance un 404.
    Je souhaitais savoir quel était le format des fichiers XML qui étaient renvoyés.

    Lancement d’un jeu/d’une app :


    Liste des activités :


    (~ts-XXXXXXX est un timestamp)

    Merci d’avance,


  5. bonjour,j’ai un trés gros probleme quant je clic sur windows live mail j’ai un panneau d’érreur qui s’affiche:(wlmail.exe-erreur systeme)impossible de démarrer le programe car il manque wldcore.dll sur votre ordinateur.essayer de réinstaller le programe pour coriger ce probléme.
    j’ai donc tout desinstaller pour refaire une installation correcte mes la encore j’ai aussi un panneau d’érreur qui s’affiche:(Messenger Reviver) messager was not installed either due to a connectivity problém,a problém in your installation or you manually cancelled the setup program.
    would you to open the folder containing the error logs new?.
    et donc je voudrais savoir si il y a quelque chose a faire ou pas

  6. Hello, i told every friend of mine about your MSN but..everyone seens offline

    can you help us?

  7. Hi Jonathan Can you get Messenger working on OSX but not through a bootcamp i would like to use it build into OSX and i am trying to get microsoft to give me the source code to MSN which i will pass on to you….

  8. Hi. It’s been six hours and I haven’t gotten an activation e-mail yet. Hope all’s well….

  9. Have W10 on a laptop..trying to signin but tells me I am already in but cannot see this anywhere…cannot see anywhere to sign out…

  10. Do you still have a copy of Windows Millenium Build 2368?

  11. Do you know anything about when the Windows Live Messenger 2009 version will be available?

  12. And what is available in Spanish? The best version is the 14.

  13. Larry K Southworth

    Jonathon, I have Windows 8.1, 64 bit OS on my laptop. I have tried to install WLM, via wlsetup-all.exe, but it fails with a message saying I must uninstall a later version that’s on the computer. However, the only e-mail software that I use is OE Classic, which is a poor substitute for the 2009 version of WLM. If it’s possible to accomplish this install, please point me in the right direction.

    • Hey Larry – as a starting point, I’d double-check that you don’t have something else that’s part of the old Windows Essentials or Windows Live Essentials installed. To do so, go over to Programs and Features in the Control Panel and look for the Windows (Live) Essentials there. If it is there, uninstall all products in the suite and you should be able to proceed from there. If it’s not listed, then I have some other options for you which I’ll get to next.

  14. Larry K Southworth

    Jonathon, have you had time to consider the problem I asked about this past Friday?

  15. WLM 16? WHEN?

  16. ta mais por que vcs nao entra no msn 2020 que esta pegando

  17. boa noite meu amigo ai como as coias por ai em por que ou windows liver messenger 2012 por que nao voltar pra 2021 pra tomndo voltar em mais dar uma saudade entar no windows liver no messenger 2012

  18. boa tarde!
    quero voltar esse abrir msn!

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