Monthly Archives: December 2006

Bell Messenger Ad

I was in the Cambridge Centre today and spotted this Bell Canada ad.  Thought it was funny so I snapped an image

Toronto Vista/Office/Exchange launch 2006

So I went to the Vista/Office/Exchange launch yesterday and it basically was what I had expected.  I did miss the keynote simply because there was no way I was getting up that early in the morning.   Just getting there at 10 required me to leave here in Kitchener at 7, but I’ll blame McGuinty for that.
The various booths were well done, food was fine, and the presentations were all right.  I certainly didn’t expect to see anything new given my beta involvement in all the launching products sans Exchange, but I actually did get to see a few things demoed I hadn’t bothered trying yet like how one develops for the new Office ribbon and panes.
Admittedly by 2 o’clock, Shawn (whom I met up with earlier in the morning with his father) and I were rather bored.  I did elect this time not to assist in the Ask the Experts booth, but maybe I should had just to keep busy.  It certainly didn’t help matters that there didn’t appear to be available WiFi, with the exception of the TelAV points which limit you to the weather network and the Congress Centre site.  I was really impressed at EnergizeIT when they had the access points setup in the main area.  Also, what was the point of having all these Vista PCs around but with no internet connectivity?  I watched a few people use them and all they ended up doing was opening up a few explorer windows, closing them and walking away.  For those who were more adventurous, they opened up the one of the new games with Mahjong seeming to be the early favourite.
At some point after the cookies had shown up, I was just walking with Shawn to the IT Pro tract area when we were stopped by one of the registration staff.  Apparently he was concerned because we appeared to be under 18.  He then explained that alcohol was going to be served (you mean that’s what the drink tickets were for? gee) and that we would have to leave by 5.  Well firstly, ignoring the fact that the drinking age in Ontario is 19, the last time I checked there was nothing stopping anyone underage from being around alcohol, they just can’t be served it directly.  Second, I’m strictly a water/pepsi guy and had no intention of touching these controlled beverages.  And thirdly, I’m 24 years old.   Now, I don’t know whether these are outside hired help or Microsoft Canada employees but after being “escorted” back to the registration area, one asks us, “Do you have a ride home?”  No, we just materialized ourselves here.  They basically just dropped it and we walked away.
Congratulations on the launch.
Pictures from igrigorik on flickr, I didn’t take any.