Monthly Archives: February 2007


As always, you can send candyhearts this year through my website at  This year i’ve added some additional new features — you can customize exactly what you want written on the heart, there are three new colours (orange, yellow and gray), and all the features added in the last refresh of eastereggs are there, including the new emoticons.
Statistically speaking, I always beat my record every year on amount sent at on valentine’s day, so please send a few to beat last year’s record.  Here’s a breakdown of the last few years:
2006 – 205
2005 – 153
2004 – 9
Amusingly yesterday (2/13/07) 240 were sent, so I’ve actually already between last year already.  In contrast, last year only 110 were sent out on the day before.  I’m aiming for 300, but we’ll see.
Thanks to everyone for the feedback while I was working on the updates this past week, including Huuf (testing and lots of suggestions), Julie (yellow suggestion) and Buddy (orange suggestion).
I also made a sidebar gadget so I could monitor them: