Adium Messenger Reviver

This page remains here for archival reasons.  As of March 12th 2015, the last of the servers accepting sign-ins from Adium have gone offline.  To use the Messenger service on the Mac, you will need to use Skype, the web-based client, or Windows Live Messenger 2012 in a Windows virtual machine.


As there’s been some requests for this, I put together a simple dmg which lets you copy the newly patched libpurple to the correct Adium (/Applications/ folder.  Hopefully Adium is updated soon so this won’t be needed.

Update: In addition to the above, due to changes on the Messenger servers, you will now need to make a small adjustment to make Adium work.  Choose the Adium menu, choose Preferences, double-click the MSN account, choose the Options category and change the Login Server to be and click OK.  This should be included in a future Adium Reviver version.

The post, Most third-party Messenger clients have gone offline temporarily has more info about the change made.

Additionally, you can also revive the official Messenger:mac client.

Known issues

  • If you receive a message that the “libpurple folder” requires an administrator password, you probably don’t have Adium or the right version of Adium installed.
  • On some accounts you might not be able to see your full contact list, this should soon be resolved in other clients and hopefully fixed in Adium too.

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  1. Thank you very very much! This was so simple – so quick and it worked. Beautiful work. Thank you 🙂

  2. Thank you – awesome fix, easy to use!

  3. Michelle Anderson

    You are the bomb! Thanks so much for this:-)

  4. Michelle Anderson

    I installed this reviver, and Adium worked for a day. Now, I’m getting the error message, “Error: Connection refused.” Any idea what’s happening?

  5. Hi 🙂
    Well I’m working on an older Mac (10.5.9 Intel) with Adium 1.4.5
    Since about 2 months I’m trying to log in to Adium and it always shows “MSN Buddy-List is temp. not available. I’ve been searching for days now, and finally came to your blog.
    I do have the problem, that on I do not have an Adium Folder. I’m missing “/Applications/”
    If I go to Applications, it shows only but no folder. I have also searched my Mac for the Libpurple folder, but there is no folder. If I download yours, it says “libpurple could not have been found, there is no folder libpurple”.
    So I deleted everything and re-installed it, but still the same problem 😦

  6. i just installef also this adium reviver , i succeed to connect thanks but my buddies dont get my messages and i don’t receive anything …strange …is there something else to do ?

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