Older versions of the protocol no longer being accepted by any Messenger server

I’m sorry to report that this Thursday’s update ends the last bit of trickery for any clients prior to Windows Live Messenger 2012 (MSN Protocol Version 21).

You can see this for yourself using dx’s server list on www.ismsndeadyet.com.

On Thursday, February 26th, most of the servers removed MSNP18 support, but left a few bn1 servers allowing the old version and all db3 servers.
On Thursday, March 5th, the last of the bn1 servers removed MSNP18 support, leaving only db3 servers.
On Thursday, March 12th, the last of the db3 servers removed MSNP18 support.

If you’re using Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10, and wish to continue using Messenger on its own, you will need to upgrade to Windows Live Messenger 2012.  You can do so by downloading and running Reviver again, clicking the Advanced button, selecting “Do a new Messenger install” and choosing Windows Live Messenger 2012.

If you’re using Windows Vista, despite being unsupported officially, with a workaround you can install Windows Live Messenger 2012 too.  I’ll be detailing this process shortly.

If you’re using Windows XP, Mac OS X, Linux, or any other non-Microsoft Messenger client (as of this writing, none I’m aware of support MSN Protocol 21), you will need to either use Skype or the web-based client in Outlook.com.  My efforts on bridging an interface between the newer and older protocol wasn’t terribly successful so far.  You can always use Messenger 2009 or other clients if they’re made to work again.

This is the end of an era.  Messenger Reviver 2 supported these older clients (including the popular 2009 version) from April 23 2013 to March 12 2015, they will be missed.

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  1. Yay I’m still using Vista but downloaded WLM 2012, finally back on messenger.

  2. serpentine inside

    Hello Jonathan , 😀
    how are u ? i hope u are fine .!
    thank u for everything , for ur hard work , and ur communicate..
    me and my friends we are very thankful ..
    ummm i just wanna know .. what is new about messenger 2009 for windows Xp ? will ever work T-T” ?
    if not what we will use ?

    thank u again

  3. I installed msn 2012 but does not work. Error 80090004. My computer is windows 8 64 bit

  4. Can you please fix the hyperlink issue that makes you copy paste the link instead of beying underlined?Also can you please fix the issue with the status hyperlink (video link) that doesn’t open the link if you click on it and opens a fake link instead?

  5. I installed WLM 2012 on my computer (Windows Vista 64-bit), using MSN Reviver 2.4.3.
    But everytime I open the messenger I get a blank screen.

    How can I fix this?

    • Greetings Leila. Messenger 2012 uses DirectX to render the actual interface of Messenger and so I would start troubleshooting this problem by making sure you have the latest display drivers for your graphics card/chip in your PC.

      • Hey Jonathan,

        Thanks for your reply.

        Got DirectX 11, updated my graphics card drivers today, still doesn’t work.
        The strange thing about it is that I could see all the textfields of the login screen the first time I started wlm 2012. But after I was logging in, a blank window appeared, showing nothing else but “Loading…” – but nothing happened. After 30min still nothing. I closed the messenger and started it again and since then I get this blank screen everytime I open it. I reinstalled wlm, but it’s like I’m moving in circles.

        • Okay, first I have to say sorry. I solved the problem… the platform update for vista wasn’t installed on my computer. I thought I have it, because it didn’t show up in the list. But in fact NO update showed up there… haha x_X fixed it with some commands and after that I could see all updates again, installed the platform update and now it works fine. Thanks for your effort anyway ^^

  6. Is msn messenger coming back??:(

  7. Hi Jonathan
    Im using this pone:
    and no work with WLM2012.
    So i need reviver for 2009. I beg u support us a bit more 😛
    thx a lot¡¡¡

  8. I would like to recover an email address from my old msn messenger would this be possible?

  9. I had to reinstall Messenger 2012 and I had no problems with it except that MSN Plus is not being recognized (and yes, I made sure it was the right version). I tried to download it several times and MSN Plus says it was installed successfully. Is it just me or is it a messenger issue? Thank you!

  10. I’ve got MSN working again with Miranda NG.

  11. Miranda NG can be downloaded from:miranda-ng.org. The plugin for MSN to work is available at: http://miranda-ng.org/distr/x32/Plugins/msn.zip. Miranda NG is its own program, not Windows Live Messenger 2009 or 2012 at all.

    • Thanks for that Richard. I was briefly reviewing the code somewhat since you mentioned this but couldn’t compile (using the whole Miranda NG git source).

  12. Jonathan, I’ve installed the latest version of Miranda NG which as of this writing is 0.95.4. I replaced the msn plugin with the one linked above. This is on windows 7 64 bit. I use Miranda NG 32 bit not 64 bit.

  13. I hate Skype. I miss MSN Messenger and WL Messenger. But also I don’t like versio 2012 because they changed emoticons. MSN emoticons where the best emoticons ever. Now I’m not using any IM client at all. Microsoft made bad decision when they killed WL Messenger.

  14. Emmanuel Pinto from Malta Europe

    From which site do I succeed to download Windows Messenger 2012 together with the Messenger Reviver 2?
    I would like to thank you for your help.

  15. I found the Windows Live Mail update very helpful and many thanks indeed

  16. It doesn’t work to install messenger ? Last year it worked. Is it something that is going to be fixed?

  17. bonjour il y a un message d erreur qui s’affiche en lancant une conversation vidéo code Erreur : 0x8ac70907 comment résoudre ce probleme je suis passer a windows 10 il y avait un code erreur je ne pouvez plus lancer windows live messenger 2012 et j ai reinstaller sauf que je ne peux pas faire de webcam on peux m aider svp?

  18. I cannot describe how much I hate Microsoft for completely abandoning the best text messaging application ever made in favor of a shitty voice/video chat one that most people say doesn’t even work very well for that purpose.

    • bonsoir,je suis antierrement dacore avec vous, pour l’arrêt de windows live messenger,mes il n’on pas totallement arrêter windows live messenger, puisque il reste windows live messenger 2012, mes pour cela il faut installer MessengerReviver, et comme sa vous retrouverais tout les service de windows live messenger 2012.
      je préssise que pour cela il faut installer MessengerReviver.

  19. hi it’s doesn’t work I try to call someone and I can’t I try also invit someone on conversation and I can’t why

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