Messenger down again for pre-2012 users (error code 80072efd)

If you’ve been relying on the workaround from last week for versions of Messenger prior to 2012, beginning just a few minutes ago, a number of the Messenger servers disappeared and sign-ins on these prior versions are once again failing with error code 80072efd (which means, can’t connect).

Another workaround I was trying this week has not been successful, so you’ll have to upgrade to 2012, use the web-based Messenger version on or upgrade to Skype.
To upgrade to 2012 on Windows 7, launch Messenger Reviver 2, choose the Advanced button, then select Do a new Messenger install, and then choose Windows Live Messenger 2012.

If you’re using Windows Vista, version 2011 will not presently allow you to sign in, but this should be fixable eventually as it uses the same version of the protocol as 2012.
If you’re using Windows XP, you will need to use or upgrade to Skype for now.

A small number of users using pre-2012 versions are redirected into the “db3” servers, which revived clients will now automatically try.  With this in mind, if you are one of the lucky ones with an account that operates in this way, you may till be able to sign in or have contacts that do using these old versions.

Note: conversations on 2012 are sporadic right now, I’m going to assume once the current server changes are completed, it will go back to normal.

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  1. Can confirm that signing in to 2009 is NOT working for the time being. 2012 is working, though, and has always (for the most part) done.

  2. Has MSN 2009 returned for anyone that had trouble logging in?

  3. Hi Jonathan. Sorry to bother again, but do you still have some other workaround(s) for WLM 2009? And are you working on it?

    Also, is there some way to make WLM 2009 use port 443 and MSNP21 protocol like WLM 2012 does? Just a suggestion, I believe that this would be a solution for all the problems.

  4. My guess is that it is not that easy to change the protocol WLM uses since my understanding is that the patches are basically hacking WLM (in a good way). I thought I read that he gets around the problems by having his own server that recognizes older login protocols, translates them, and then passes the request to the official server kind of like a proxy.

  5. Hmm…It has been weeks since the last login error (I’m using 2009), It works fine to me and my girlfriend. I’m safe?

  6. And on a nice sunny day, 12 march 2015.
    WLM2009 stopped working again, same error 80072efd again.

    Jonathan, is Microsoft updating their servers again?

  7. Mine too! 😦

  8. I just checked the messenger status, it seems like that Microsoft updated their servers.
    All db3 servers seem to no longer support MSNP18 protocols.

    This looks seriously bad. 😦

  9. Hallo again,

    Today wlm 2009 doesnt log in again for the same reasons.i have tried messenger reviver 2 application but does not revive it.

    Can you send me new reviver test demo application?the old ones i have dont even run.i press double click and nothing happens.i have tried at windows xp and windows 7 and does the same thing.double click on ReviverTest_11.exe or run it as administrator and nothing happens.also i have tried without internet and with firewall block exception and still doesnt run.

    Also wlm 2012 at windows 7 to the other pc works ok so far without tricks!


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