Groups feature disappears

Over the past week the persistent groups feature in Messenger has completely disappeared.  If you had existing groups loaded in Windows Live Messenger or Butterfly Messenger, they will now appear as offline.  Additionally, if you delete your locally stored cache of contacts or sign in somewhere you haven’t signed in before, you will see that any existing groups simply no longer exist.

Back on the server side of Messenger, if you attempt to access the groups or create another one, the service will reply with the error message “Circle no longer supported”.  (Circles is the original name of the groups feature.)


Why this finally disappeared now is unclear, as the underlying groups feature in OneDrive had its demise back on October 16th and you haven’t been able to reliably create new groups in a while.

Additionally, this seems to be the end of group messaging on Messenger, as the alternative of adding people into conversations hasn’t been working since June of last year.

I’m thinking of making of a relay bot to get group messaging working again in some way, would anyone be interested in that?


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  1. Jonathan, it is a nice offer on your part to create a Groups workaround, but I am somewhat puzzled why it might be worthwhile doing. MS clearly stated ages ago that WLMessenger was being discontinued and one should migrate to Skype. What is the hardship in that? Skype is free, is very widely used and has group messaging.

    • you simply dont undestand my friend! windows live messenger is not just a program! its a way of life!!!!!!!.maybe people used it when microsoft decited to force upgrade skype. we thank jonathan that hes continue to keep alive messenger project and releases patches for reviver and other twicks.if you dont like messenger then simply dont use it.there are so many people out there that still using it thanks to reviver 2. so your comment has no point.!

    • bonjour,das1951,il ne faut pas décourager ceux qui éssai de maintenir leure logiciel en route car il y a beaucoup de personne qui l’utilise aujourd’huit,don moi le premier,car en ce qui concerne skype moi je ne l’aime pas et je n’aime pas ce qu’il on fait car il n’on demandez a personne si il prefairez rester sur windows live messenger ou passer a skype,et en plus de sa il ce sont permis de couper tout le monde,et moi je dit que je n’utiliserai jamais skype même si on y est obliger.
      et entre parentaise windows live messenger 2012 et aussi gratuit.

    • das1951:il ne faut pas oublier que tout le monde n’aime pas forcément skype moi le premier je préfaire windows live messenger car il a toujour existé,et skype avec ce qui on fait c’est a dire couper tout le monde sans en avertir les personne sa moi je ne peux pas l’accepter et entre parentaise si tu n’aime pas windows live messenger tu n’a rien a faire ici car ce site est stictement reserver au personne qui utilise et qui on des probléme avec windows live messenger.
      en parlant poliment et en étant corecte en vert vous car je n’est rien contre vous bien sur je tenais a le préssiser pour éviter tout male entendu.

  2. i think that a lot of people would be insterested of making groups working again,jonathan.i know people include me that using a loi that feature so if you make a fix it would be great!!!

  3. Jonathan can you do anything to being able to keep new added people displayed? I need to add a new contact each time I start messenger as my list only displays one other contact not the one I keep adding…

  4. Totally interested! Me and my friends always use the groups and we are now unable to talk together. We really need this!

  5. Def interested in keeping groups thx

  6. Of course! Groups is the sole reason I am still using this program
    Without groups I honestly don’t think there is ANY reason to continue using MSN Messenger
    So please, if you have any way to fix it..I will be really grateful!

    • bonsoir,je suis dacord avec vous mes il ne faut pas décourager ceux qui font tout pour gardez leure logiciel,et je pensse que pour les groupe sa reviendra part la suite, mes il faut laisser ceux qui s’occupe de windows live messenger 2012 faire leure boulot,parce que je pensse que pour les groupes il doit y avoir des probléme, et que c’est pour cela qu’il l’on arrêter provisoirrement,mes je pensse que si tout ceux qui on windows live messenger 2012 le signal,si ce n’est pas déja fait,et que la personne qui s’occupe de windows live messenger 2012,qui est jonathan kay va peut être s’en occuper,mes pour cela il y a que lui qui poura le dire.

  7. bonsoir,c’est vrai car moi aussi je suis trés intéréssé part les groupe car j’en est plusieur mes on n’y a plus accer pour l’instent.

  8. agree

  9. I would be very interested to being able to use groups again. Some of my friends would still be with me – also because WLM is to me a great work tool, too. Image sharing on WLM is one of the features that make it really useful for work.

  10. Your idea is Awesome Jon!! I love the new group!!!

  11. Please! Please suport to groups! PLEASE D:

  12. roussafi omar

    I hope the Messenger will return officially from Microsoft and remove the dreaded Skype

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