DeltaSync still working in Windows Live Mail


At what comes at really no surprise, Windows Live Mail’s Hotmail/ DeltaSync protocol that was supposedly being discontinued yesterday, is still working normally today.

As I don’t believe the software or servers for DeltaSync are a component of the new foundation of (Outlook Web Access), it’s not clear how long DeltaSync will end up staying around.


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  1. il peuvent couper msn d un moment a l autre alors?

  2. Merci pour votre information

  3. It depends on the account used. As soon as your account is upgraded to the new, you can no longer use DeltaSync.

    If you read the email carefully, they say that they are STARTING to upgrade WLM users on June 30th. Most likely it will take some time (maybe a few months) before all accounts are upgraded.

  4. I hope my account won’t be updated for another years.

  5. You can continue using WLM forever. Just manually configure your email settings to IMAP.

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