Update to the Windows Live Communications Platform

With the recent final forced upgrade to Windows Live Messenger 2009 from Windows Live Messenger 8.5 came an updated version of the Windows Live Communications Platform which hadn’t seen a change since February (the original QFE release).

The existing version of the Windows Live Communications Platform contained a bug wherein in some cases, the contact list would appear empty within the various Windows Live applications (most obvious in Messenger and Mail).  This bug appears to have been corrected in this release and presumably the forced upgrade was delayed for 8.5 until this fix was ready.

As this is a small update to the existing QFE 2 suite, I’ve elected to simply update the QFE 2 entry with this small update. 

Upgrading from the existing Windows Live Communications Platform version
As the only changed component is the Windows Live Communications Platform, the latest Windows Live Installer will not allow you to install this update if you already have all the applications which use this component installed.  To avoid having to uninstall and reinstall the Windows Live applications, you can upgrade by following these quick steps:

  1. Shut down down any main Windows Live applications such as Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Photo Gallery and/or Windows Live Movie Maker (this is not a critical step, the installer will prompt you to shut down anything using the Communications Platform).
  2. Download and run the new Windows Live Communications Platform installer file (Contacts.msi).
  3. After the Windows Installer completes the upgrade and then disappears without any error messages, you can restart any Windows Live products.

Technical Details
Installer package – Contacts.msi
Signed by Microsoft Corporation – Thursday, October 01, 2009 03:00:37 (UTC)
Version: 14.0.8098.0930 (previous version was 14.0.8064.0206)

Files updated (check your version/files in your Program Files’ Windows Live\Contacts folder):

File name File version
File size Date (UTC) Time (UTC)
abssm.dll 14.0.8098.930 531,808 30-Sept-2009 07:58
conproxy.dll 14.0.8098.930 58,720 30-Sept-2009 07:58
consync.dll 14.0.8098.930 128,352 30-Sept-2009 07:58
contact.dll 14.0.8098.930 645,984 30-Sept-2009 07:58
lmcdata.dll 14.0.8098.930 580,448 30-Sept-2009 07:58
wlcomm.exe 14.0.8098.930 26,464 30-Sept-2009 07:58
wldlog.dll 14.0.8098.930 31,584 30-Sept-2009 07:58

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  1. I\’ve installed the above update but wlcomm still making some problems to me. If I starts a new instance from iexplorer or MSN messenger it\’ll not started until I end the wlcomm process from task manager manually. Thanks for your help 🙂

  2. Hi i still have this problem, and these are what they provided me with.AppName: wlcomm.exe AppVer: 14.0.8098.930 ModName: nodqq1.dllModVer: Offset: 0007bd05

  3. I cannot find any of these files in my program files……I am running WLM…..???

  4. I tried this and my contacts were there for the next 1-2 times I opened the email, then back to square one. Any ideas?

  5. Uhm ,why is it that after i followed your directions, my msn just keeps logging me out?! ;lIm getting so tired of people posting wrong solutions.

  6. microsoft live messenger ne fonctionne pas avec ces versions quelles solutions ???

    • You’ll have to be a little more specific as to what is actually occurring, and also what version you’re trying to get working.

      Can’t really suggest anything otherwise 🙂

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