Messenger servers showing contacts as offline

UPDATE (March 23/2010 2:42 PM GMT-4): It does appear that the servers are slowly returning to normal.  Although not fully fixed for everyone, gradually contacts are showing up online again.

For the past six hours or so, the Messenger servers have been showing the majority of contacts offline.  You can however still talk to contacts using offline message.  There were other similar issues earlier on in the day and the problem just seems to have progressively gotten worse.

This isn’t a new problem either.  Messenger has continually had these problems on and off for several months now. 

If you use the Messenger web-based client within Hotmail, or clients which use the older protocol versions (like Windows Messenger on XP), you may get slightly better results, however for the most part there isn’t a lot you can do about it except wait for it to be corrected.


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  1. So, what exactly is the problem? Do you know by when this will be sorted out? RegardsUtian

  2. Just thought that I\’d add my experience. On one LiveID a contact showed off-line. On a different LiveID, that same contact showed up as online. I noticed this yesterday evening at about 9 PM EDT.

  3. 7 people with this problem on the Dutch Plus! forum this morning with the same problem. For a forum which usually doesn\’t get more than a few posts per day that is a lot of people with the same problem :).My own contactlist is looking smaller than usual too. Hope they fix it soon, pretty annoying.

  4. to add more info ,i show offline even though i m online , plus my contacts are offline even though they are online.. web messenger via Hotmail seems to be best working solution. Hope they fix it soon

  5. Im having the same problem, I see some of my friends online and some arent, but still can message each other via offline messages. I have used my messenger on my blackberry..would this have anything to do with it?

  6. My friend and I have been having this problem since last night. Only a couple of my contacts show up as online, which is odd in itself. I initially tried everything from repairing MSN and system restore then found out I wasn\’t the only one having the problem. I hope this gets fixed soon!

  7. Lynda: Nope. It\’s a problem on Microsoft\’s end and is affecting everyone.I do think it\’s some sort of major server desynchronization, since there are still are people showing as online so perhaps those on certain servers can see each other.

  8. I am having the same problem, which started last night, kept saying my contact was offline though I was having conversations. She then reported that I was showing offline. The only difference is we both made our individual avatars and up unto last night both would show. Now she can see both mine and hers but I only see mine and hers will never load … just little green dots going round and round — but when she changed it to another display pic it showed fine. I am on a broadband high speed internet also. Barb

  9. i had that problem… so i logged off from WLM. But now I can\’t seem to log back in. I keep getting "error code : 8007007e". I used "ZAPMESSENGER", uninstalled it. re-installing it and even installing an older version. But I\’m still getting the same error code. any ideas how to fix this? BTW i have messenger plus installed, and I\’m running on Windows XP.

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  15. my web cam work fine with everything else but once i try to use it on messenger it doesn\’t work. I have an intergrated webcam

  16. problem install msn last version os_check: 0x80280004

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