The craziness of Windows Live Mail patch KB3093594

As mentioned previously, Microsoft has elected to discontinue the DeltaSync protocol of Windows Live Mail 2012 for Exchange ActiveSync.  This is to be done using a Microsoft Installer patch filed under KB3093594, Update for Windows Live Essentials Mail 2012.

However this patch doesn’t appear to have been fully tested nor is it made simple to install.

Windows 10 support
Most importantly, after installing this patch, Live Mail will no longer work on Windows 10.  Live Mail will open up, but within seconds it crashes with the standard, Windows Live Mail has stopped working.


This crash was repeatable on multiple machines of different bitness and Windows builds.  The actual exception is an access violation in wcsync.dll (which is one of the patched libraries).

If you want to go ahead and try to install the patch or if you already did, you can revert/uninstall the patch by pressing oldwindowsflag-R (Windows Key and R) on the keyboard, then copy/paste the following:

msiexec /package {B775C26B-EAA8-4A11-ACBF-76E52DF6B805} /uninstall {342DCD5D-5946-453B-97AC-D53B7662EDF5}

Then press enter or click OK.  When prompted, choose Repair.

Furthermore, even the installation of the patch (KB3093594) is simply awful.  After running the .msp (Microsoft Installer Patch file), you’re offered to either Repair or Remove Live Mail.  Choosing Repair is the only way to get it to install.

After installation, the version number of Windows Live Mail will change from 16.4.3528.0331 to 16.4.3563.0918.

Installing this patch does not add any new functionality to Windows Live Mail 2012.  The only difference is that the DeltaSync protocol been swapped out with the Exchange ActiveSync protocol.  Live Mail still only allows use of email accounts, and you cannot use your own Office 365 or Exchange server account.  Additionally, push email support has not been restored, as Live Mail still uses Messenger to notify Live Mail for new messages.  Unfortunately, this particular feature in Messenger has been broken since April 2014.

As much as we can appreciate Microsoft continuing support for Live Mail, certainly it would have been better if they fully tested this on the latest Windows version, as well as made it easier to install or just utilized Windows Update to deploy the patch automatically.



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  1. To start with, Thank you. A while back I had uninstalled the “not to be mentioned update” in order to recover from more of unexplained stops during syncing the 30 some email accounts that I have accumulated through 3 decades of using outlook express onward. I have been thrown for a loop when Windows Live mail stopped syncing correctly, jumping on, or launching Outlook 2010 dreading to have to click on every separate inbox, just to be sure I haven’t missed crucial emails. Tonight I was going to give it one more fight to either get my beloved Windows live “Quick views” working again or dismantle the whole thing in ways I am not going to list here. YOUR SOLUTION saved the night, both the command line and the manual server settings together did the trick, all inboxes sync without a glitch. I verified that the repair worked for my version went back to 16.4.3528.0331 THANK YOU for sharing

  2. The crash is caused by calendar sync. If you log out from Live services the issue won’t appear. But the functionality will be gratly reduced since contacts and calendar sync won’t be available.

    • bonjour, pour cela il suffi de désactivé le calendrier, et sa refonctionneras, car j’ai u ce problème a un moment donner, et c’est ce que j’ai fait. et depuis je n’est plus ce genre de probléme.


    Unfortunately, it seems the update has been cancelled, which means that WLM will NOT support the new

    • bonjour,remco,je ne c’est pas si windows live mail 2012 suporte,mes moi en je n’est pas de probléme particulier,donc moi ce que je vous conseille c’est de mêtre votre en,parce que moi comme je vous les dit je suis en outlook .fr et je n’est aucun probléme a ce sujet.

    • Yeah, so, now that Microsoft is moving forward with this migration in the next ten days, I’m looking into my alternatives. I’ve read elsewhere that while DeltaSync will no longer be supported, IMAP still will be. Thus, you could create a brand new instance of your e-mail account within WLM2012, and just configure it to use IMAP and it would still work, or you could use a third party e-mail client like Thunderbird to connect using IMAP. The official Microsoft supported protocol will, going forward, be MAPI (technically, MAPI/RPC) which is the proprietary protocol that Microsoft Outlook uses to communicate with Microsoft Exchange. Third party clients don’t support this, but IMAP will still be available. Can anyone else confirm any or all of this?

      • I don’t think anyone knows Microsoft’s plans for sure but the general consensus seems to be IMAP is here to stay. It would be hard for MS to drop it since it would make all 3rd party email apps unable to connect to their email and that’s probably not something they can get away with right now.

        IMAP seems to work in WLM2012 for hotmail accounts but for some reason it seems very slow. The app kind of hangs everything I try to load an email to read, or more or delete an email. I don’t have this behavior with other IMAP accounts like gmail so seems hotmail specific. Anyone know if there are some settings that could help with IMAP for hotmail in WLM2012?

      • bonsoir,je pensse que sa doit être vrais parce que j’ai ressu le même message.mes je pensse qu’il font sa pour faire peur au gens, pour que sa les oblige a passer dans leure version a eux,mes si on résiste comme on l’a fait pour windows live messenger je pensse que sa ne ce fera pas mes pour cela il faut résister.

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