E-mail message count and notifications broken (update: probably gone for good)

In the Email Toastlast week I had two people inform me that their Hotmail Outlook.com e-mail count was wrong in Messenger.  This wasn’t a new situation that I’ve heard as over my 10 years of supporting Messenger this came up many times (including in my own account) and the issue simply resolved itself after a brief period.  I double checked my own account and the count and subsequent mail notifications and they were working for me.

But today I’ve heard from many more people that this feature has been failing.  After checking my own personal and test accounts, it’s now fully broken for me also.

From a technical perspective, the message count and notifications are completely handled by the server which then just notifies Messenger.  Unfortunately this means there’s nothing that can be done to “fix” the problem as the server isn’t sending any mail notifications to the Messenger clients.

One can only hope this is a temporary problem and not due to a roll-out of a new version of Outlook.com that’s removed the feature completely.

UPDATE (April 16, 2014)
The e-mail notification feature has been fundamental to Messenger since it’s very inception.  In fact Microsoft has exploited this feature for a long time — it’s been used as the basis for Hotmail mail checking in Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Hotmail and Outlook.com.  I was thinking more about this today and wondered that with the feature gone, if Outlook.com had a new way of handling mail notifications.

So, I took two accounts and tested them.  One account is a standard Hotmail account with Messenger contacts and one is the same but linked to a Skype account.  The normal Hotmail account signed into the web-based Messenger client fine as normal, but was not able to receive any new e-mails until I manually pressed the refresh button.  However, the account that’s been linked to Skype was able to receive mail notifications and immediately refreshed.  I can only summarize e-mail notifications have been moved over to Skype, although they don’t yet appear in the current versions of the software.

Just to be clear, linking your Microsoft account to a Skype account will not magically restore your e-mail notifications in Messenger.  (Doing so will restore automatic receiving of mail while in Outlook.com however.)  What it does mean is that some time in the future, the Skype desktop application will be able to notify you to new e-mail and that the notification feature has probably been removed for good in Messenger.

I would recommend you use the freeware tool Howard::Outlook.com/Hotmail email notifier as a replacement.  Although the default is every 5 minutes, you can set the check time to every 30 seconds, which is the minimum on any of the protocols without Exchange Activesync (supported on phones, Windows 8 Mail and Outlook 2013).

UPDATE (May 1st, 2014)
In the prior update, I mentioned how you couldn’t receive new e-mails on the Outlook.com site without Skype linked to your Microsoft account.  It seems they have fixed that problem as accounts that aren’t linked to Skype can now see messages arriving once again.  However, the Messenger e-mail notifications are still missing, giving further evidence that they won’t be back.

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  1. Emmanuel Pinto de Fonseca

    Dear Jonathan,
    I always appreciate the work you are doing to solve the WindowsLive Messenger problem.
    I must confess that I only use WindowsLive Messenger instead of using Outlook.com or Skype.
    If there is some good news about the WindowsLive Messenger I would be more than pleased to receive it from you.
    Happy Easter and God blesses you work.
    Malta Europe.

  2. Bedankt.

  3. Been reading and searching for answers, and yes, my Windows Live Messenger too is broken.
    I have had no email alerts since yesterday, 15. April 2014.
    Just last week, Outlook kept asking me to confirm an alternate email address for security purposes, should there be problems
    in the future. Then on the last day, I was not allowed into my Outlook program until I did what was asked and confirmed a rescue email address.
    So I too hope that Outlook has not been changed to do away with the email alerts from the messenger.
    I don’t want skype and have no intention of getting it.
    Maybe Yahoo messenger is worth considering if we can’t get our messenger back?
    I have always been very grateful when I found your Messenger Reviver 2. I’ve been using it all the time.
    One very annoying thing though as I feel sure you are aware, is that when you sign in,,,,,,Outlook also signs you in to other places as well.
    Here’s hoping we get our alerts back.

    • Greetings Ian. For dealing with the automatic Outlook.com Messenger sign in see How to disable Messenger (Messaging) in Outlook.com.

      • Hi Jonathan, so, shall I leave the live messenger install on my pc, and also add Skype install?

        Will you let us know what will happened with the messenger email notification?

        Please do your best and be in touch with us

        Marios x

      • Hello Jonathan,
        Well today was the first time I have received email notification since Outlook switched it off.
        I have been niggled and annoyed all week about the lack of notifications.
        So I downloaded the HOWARD email notifier.
        It works and it is very good.
        So thanks for that.
        Now, since messenger does not give email notifications, I see little reason for keeping it.
        I don’t chat anymore, I just used it after signing in, for access to my Outlook, and getting email notifications.
        I have been annoyed and niggled for ages about the auto-signing in to Outlook.
        As I will probably not use Messenger anymore (unless Outlook re-think what they have done and put things back to how they once were, I am not really bothered about the auto-signing in now.
        If I change my mind though, I will certainly try your link and download the TOOL to prevent auto-signing in.
        Thanks Jonathan,,,,,,Great to have email notifications again.

    • Yahoo Messenger is great for e-mail alerts.

      • Will Yahoo Messenger notify you of any other E Mail besides Yahoo Email?

        • Hello Jonathan,,,, i know this has nothing to do with Messenger, but I wonder if you have experienced this:

          For about 2 days now, when I get a WIDE message on my Hotmail/Outlook, there is now, no horizontal scrolling bar on the page. I am now no longer able to move a wide message from side to side to read it all. Have you had this problem, or anybody else from your forums? It’s very annoying,,,,,seems Hotmail/Outlook are messing around yet again. I would welcome your views. Thanks. Ian.

          • Greetings Ian. I can confirm this as I sent a few tests to myself and after resizing my browser window, there doesn’t appear to be a way to scroll left and right. However, I did have to make significant effort to make that happen, so i suspect they don’t think they need it. Messing around with the source code of the page a bit got me a scroll bar but it didn’t work, unfortunately it seems there’s no quick fix that way.

            Assuming this doesn’t come up very often, you could probably workaround the problem by pressing the … button in the toolbar and then choose Print. When the window pops up, choose Cancel when your browser asks to print, and then the window that remains should have the horizontal scroll bar with the message in it.

            • Hello Jonathan, Thanks for your quick reply.

              I tried what you said, but still didn’t get the horizontal scroll bar,,,,,,strange. This is something very new,,,,,it’s been happening for about 2 or 3 or 4 days now and annoying. I regularly get some messages that need sideways scrolling to see everything. Maybe this is just something created by Hotmail/Outlook with no thought for wide messages. Thanks for your thoughts though, maybe I just have to put up with reading 1/2 my emails? Ian.

            • I actually think you’re seeing a different problem, although it might be triggered by a recent Outlook.com update. This should only be a rare case, certainly not all your messages as none of my “real” messages are showing this behaviour. A screenshot would be helpful to see what you’re seeing and you can just link it back here (or you can use the forum and just upload an image to a new post). For help taking screenshots, visit Microsoft’s instructions (choose your Windows version in the corner) or http://www.take-a-screenshot.org.
              Also knowing some details like what browser you’re using would be handy too.

              One other idea – you could just be zoomed in too far in your browser. In most browsers you can trigger the zoom feature by holding down the Ctrl key and scrolling forward and backgrounds with the scroll wheel on your mouse. Alternatively to zoom out, you can press Ctrl and – (on the number pad) or Ctrl, Shift and _ (above the P).

            • Hello Jonathan, Thanks for your messages. So it seems other people are having the same problem,,,,,, I am attaching a screenshot for you. You can seen the pictures are clipped on the right side of the screen. I used to get a horizontal bar automatically, at the bottom of the page when it was needed with a wide message, but no longer does this happen. I’ve tried what you said, with CTRL and then using the scrolling wheel on the mouse. It does work, but not sure if I would have to do that every time. Also the problem then is the page is smaller,,,,,,,I have enough trouble reading small print as it is.

              I did send some emails to Outlook, but as usual,,,they never ever reply. I would be interested in any developments or news you may have. Thanks. Ian.

            • Unfortunately it seems attached screenshots to the email replies don’t get stored anywhere so I can’t see it, but if you don’t mind, just reattach the image to a new message to webpage@jonathankay.com. However, I think we should continue the conversation here in case anyone else wishes to chime in.
              Just out of curiosity, do you have Windows set to use larger text sizes and similar settings normally? I think the actual problem here is that as they’ve eliminated the scroll bar (probably accidentally) so when you’re zoomed in/have a larger size, you can’t see the full message. Either it’s a bug or someone didn’t think of the accessibly problems this would create.

            • Just sent the screenshot again to the other address as you asked.

              By the way, did you get my forwarded email,,,,,,,,from OUTLOOK MAIL MAINTENANCE?

            • Hm, no I didn’t, I only got your screenshot (I checked the Junk Mail too).

            • Thanks Jonathan for your information. It seems a bit involved and complicated for me. I don’t get that many wide emails, but when I do it’s annoying. What you suggested before is helpful though,,,,to click … and then Print and then cancel. I can then view the whole message and then close it afterwards.

              About that email I forwarded to you,,,,,,I am interested to know what you think,,, Where can I forward it for you? It was from OUTLOOK MAIL MAINTENENANCE. The chap who sent it attached a file which he said were instructions to be followed. I would like you to see the email, as it may be from OUTLOOK with their solution. Where can I send it?

            • Given what you’ve described, I can basically confirm that the message you’re looking at is a virus/malware message and that you should delete it immediately without touching the attachment. Microsoft will never identify themselves as “Outlook Mail Maintenance”, they will never send you files as an attachment (they’d link you to a Microsoft website so you could confirm authenticity) and really there’s no magical fix that can be applied to correct this problem. As the problem is in the code on the web page, fixing it will be a matter of changing the code on the Microsoft web servers and so correcting it has nothing to do with you or your computer. The best you can do is to work around the problem.
              Also, the reason you probably can’t forward it to anyone (which is why it didn’t arrive to me), is because it’s been identified as virus/malware on server and is now automatically deleted before it can be sent out. Unfortunately it probably wasn’t identified as such until after it arrived in your inbox.

              As a rule, I would say to ignore and delete all e-mail attachments – unless they’re something you requested (like an invoice) or are pictures from family or friends. If you’re unsure, you can ask them too.

              Just one other thought to the original problem – you could use the Windows Live Mail application and do your e-mail from that program instead. Unfortunately if you have a large inbox (as you appear to, or maybe you’re just a good organizer), it might be a tad sluggish on your machine. Still, if you’re interested, you can get Windows Live Mail from the Windows Essentials pack.

            • Thank-you Jonathan. I didn’t touch or open the attached file, and it’s now gone, I deleted it. It seems like I am being watched though, having sent Outlook a few emails regarding this problem, and then the “EMAIL” arrives, supposedly with a solution for me. It’s scary. Either that,,,or Outlook wanted to get rid of me for my persistence in asking them for help. Strange though,,,,,if I type a long line here, a horizontal scrolling bar appears when my typing gets to the other side of the page. Thanks again for your help and advice. I think I will do what you suggested at the start. I will click the … and then print and cancel. It’s quick and easy. Until Outlook decide to fix things. I would of course be very interested in any further developments. Thanks again. Regards. Ian.

            • Hello Jonathan,

              After being away from my screen for a little while, on my return, it seems there’s been an update to my Outlook page. I now have a black border surrounding my Outlook page, and now have some new settings shown,,,,,,I can change the size of screen, do a screen shot and other,,,,,called Responsive Design View. Is this something Outlook has done to try and make amends? Any ideas? Do you have the same thing? You can also close the whole border thing,,,,,which I have done. Not sure if it will come back though. Do you think there have been customers asking them to put things back to how they were? Ian. PS, closed it and it hasn’t come back yet

            • The Responsive Design View is a feature of Firefox to help web designers create web pages that operate in different resolutions and devices. Funny enough if the Outlook.com desktop designers had used this tool, they would have seen the exact problem you’re experiencing! If you’re interested, you can find out more about how this tool works, and how to trigger it off and on over here.

              You’re definitely not the only one with this problem. Other than the other person here, I checked out the Outlook.com forum earlier and noticed there’s a whole thread about this issue and have posted the workarounds I’ve come up with so far, as well as the details for a Microsoft person to pass on. Also, the next time you encounter a message you can’t read, I’d encourage you to click the Gear at the top right within Outlook.com, choose Feedback and then choose Something is broken, then This page doesn’t look right, and fill out the rest of the info as that might also get their attention. Also, to the best of my knowledge, other than inquires regarding account problems (lost passwords and so on), Microsoft doesn’t do e-mail technical support for Outlook.com. So I’m not totally sure who you’ve been e-mailing about this, but I suspect it hasn’t gone anywhere I’m afraid.

            • Hello Jonathan,

              Thanks again for writing. You are a great help. I am encouraged by your responses, and they make me feel that it’s not just me having problems. I have noted what you said and watched the video on how to turn on the Responsive Design feature. It does actually seem to make life a bit better.

              Yes, I will certainly go through the motions and report the problem as you suggested, next time I have a wide email.

              I actually emailed Outlook for several months, every day, without any response. It did make me wonder where my emails were going though. I was writing to: outlook@email.microsoft.com but didn’t get anything back from them at all.

              Thanks again Jonathan, you are a great help. Why don’t you go and work for Microsoft,,,,,,,or Outlook? I am sure you could sort things out for them. Regards. Ian.

            • You’re very welcome Ian, I’m glad I’ve been some help. I searched my inbox for that address and found various Outlook.com newsletters, so I’m pretty sure it’s a dummy address that no human actually reads, as that’s generally how these types of messages are sent out.
              Although I could spend many hours giving you my personal experiences and opinions of Microsoft as a whole, more importantly, last week they began a 18,000 person lay off which saw a number of talented people lose their jobs. As such, I don’t think they’ll be hiring that many people for a while.

              However, I am unemployed these days and always looking for opportunities to use my skills to make a positive impact :)

            • Yes thanks Jonathan, you have been a great help, now and in the past. I am very grateful. Hahahaha,,,,, I guess that’s why I never did get a single reply from my many emails. Such a shame that so many have lost their jobs in Microsoft, but that’s a general trend I think in many areas, also England as well. I have just about finished my working life now. Having been working full time since I was 16, I am now coming up to 60 (in February) and will be looking to retire then. You are very bright and very talented Jonathan. I sincerely hope you will find something very soon. Although you are doing a great job here,,,,,I think your skills and talents and knowledge are very much wasted and not appreciated at all, which they should be. I hope you don’t stop what you are doing, I would have problems if you were not there to help. I also wish you the very best and hope that not only you find something, but that somebody finds you, and can appreciate you and your skills and knowledge. Best regards (until next time). Thanks Jonathan. Ian.

            • Greetings Ian. Just wanted to let you know that according to the thread on Microsoft Answers, they’ve implemented a fix for this problem. I can confirm I have a scroll bar now when testing, but be aware it’s a bit different than the interface before, you now have to scroll all the way to bottom of the message and the scroll bar will be shown there. Not the greatest fix but better than the workarounds.

            • Hello Jonathan, Thank-you for your email.

              I have just tried and yes, I too have a scroll bar, at the bottom of the message. I agree,,,,not the best, but it is a horizontal scroll bar. I wonder if this will be improved in time???????

              Perhaps this is a result of my emails? I have sent them a report every single day since you mentioned reporting the problem. Also, when you are asked if you would recommend OUTLOOK to other people, I kept saying ,,,,,,Number 1,,,,,,NO. Anyway, I am pleased to confirm the scroll bar, even though it’s a bit crude as you say. Maybe they have indeed been reading my reports this time.

              Thank-you for letting me know. I will keep an eye on the situation, and who knows, they might just decide to improve it or even change it to how it was before.

              Thank-you Jonathan. Regards. Ian.

            • Not sure about my windows settings. I haven’t changed anything, I’m just using default settings. Ian

            • Yep, I can see you’re using the defaults in the screenshot. Also, I think the problem is a bit clearer now, as it’s the same problem, but in your case it’s not because you have different zoom, DPI, or other settings, but because your screen resolution is set to 1024×768. Given that you’re using XP, I would assume this probably the best resolution for the screen you’re using, so changing it to something higher probably is a bad solution. Unfortunately, between the email messages and Outlook.com’s interface, they’re assuming you’re using a higher resolution and aren’t accommodating for it. I also can confirm the Print trick doesn’t work here either.
              I’ve come up with a few workarounds; neither are perfect but both should work;
              1. If you enable the Reading Mode option, a ‘Full View’ option appears, which will remove the ad pane/message list and hopefully give you enough space to see the message (it worked in all my messages when I tested in your resolution). To do this, click the Gear in the toolbar and choose either Right or Bottom (either works, you may want to try both) on the Reading Pane heading. Once that’s turned on, the Full View button should appear which should hopefully let you see the whole message. Unfortunately this needs to be done for every message and you may not like the Reading View option.
              2. Instead, another idea is to trick Outlook.com into think you’re a mobile device, where the interface is designed for low resolutions. As you’re using Firefox, this is actually easy to do. First, you’ll need to install an add-on to do this, such as UAControl. Once that’s installed and Firefox restarted, log in to Outlook.com as you would normally, choose the UAControl icon in the toolbar and choose UAControl Options for This Site…. When the UAControl Site Properties appears, choose Custom and paste in the following: Mozilla/5.0 (Android; Mobile; rv:31.0) Gecko/3.0 Firefox/31.0
              then click OK to all the open windows and reload the page. You’ll now have a slightly different UI that should fit your screen properly, and you’ll only have to do this once.

              You may want to try both options to see which you prefer.

            • I am having the same problem also and I get many emails that are wide. It is a bit maddening. Hopefully they will fix this?

            • Greetings Geri. Interesting, take a look at the reply I just made to Ian and see if any of that is helpful, also a screenshot would be useful too.

            • Hello Jonathan, I hope you are well. So sorry to bother you again. I am not quite sure if this is my system or what.

              When I sign-in to my Facebook, I have always received Email notifications from the Howard Email Notifier. Now, I get 2 at a time. It not only gives me an alert to say I have signed in to FB, I get 2 alerts at the same time. Has anybody else had any problems?

              Thanks. Ian.

              Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2014 19:31:30 +0000 To: ianmiz@hotmail.com

  4. i just spent the last 2 days uninstalling and reinstalling messenger and live mail since i stopped having email alerts, as i thought it was a problem with my new PC :(

  5. Hi. Does this mean that we should just accept the Skype update and wave goodbye to messenger? Thanks for the years where we were able to keep the features of messenger.

    • Greetings blueguy. If you were using Messenger for this feature than absolutely. Otherwise there’s no real incentive to using Skype instead as it doesn’t have the feature at present.

  6. It seems affecting many people but only some actually responding to this post. There are not even many hits when I Google the problem. There is only one utility I found it actually works with hotmail at the moment which is call Howard email notifier. May be someone could look into it which may be possible implement it to others msn clients software?

  7. Pareil pour moi, plus aucune notification pour la réception des emails, j’espère effectivement que la notification des mails sera prochainement activée sur le logiciel skype (que je n’aime pas du tout).

    En attendant j’utilise im+ pro.

    Merci Jonathan pour tout ton superbe travail apporté !

  8. Sadly the Skype/Microsoft team are NOT cooperating AT ALL with the “E-mail button/notification/icon implementation IN SKYPE” …The day they do so i’ll be DEAD….jk BUT SERIOUSLY, they should work it out one way or another….This is why i’m now using:

    -MSN Messenger 2009 + Messenger Reviver 2
    -“Howard” (this http://thesz.diecru.eu/content/howard.php ), it even works with Logitech keyboards with LCD Screens like the G510 of mine,showing the e-mail icon and,whenever a new mail comes, it says the title/subject of it (partially though) ! (i helped a bit of cooperating with the team to make it work!)

    Hope it helps for now

  9. I have installed Howard as pointed out in the post, and it seems to be a good substitute to the in mail checking in MSN. I have it skinned like Messenger, and took the email notification sound and applied it into the application. I have it linked to open up Windows Live Mail just as Messenger would do, so all is well with that.
    So far I’ve been getting by well using Windows Live Messenger, issues but still workarounds. My biggest 2 problems right now are offline messaging does not work, and groups do not appear to be working. For offline messaging, can always just directly email the Outlook address. But unfortunately cannot use groups since messages do not go through. Been having to use Skype for groups. Not sure if there are any good alternatives for that.
    So just wondering, do you have any guess or estimate on how long we have until this is fully patched and we can no longer sign onto Messenger?

  10. Hola Jonathan. Antes de nada darte la animo para que sigas con tu trabajo, ya que ayudas a otros que no tenemos tanta facilidad para estas cosas.
    Veras, hace como casi un mes, envié mis últimos correos por messenger, y desde entonces ya no puedo recibir ni enviar correos. He intentado recuperar mi cuenta en microsoft, pero no hay forma, ya no se que hacer, y en esa cuenta tengo todos los correos enviados desde hace años, para trabajos y familia, pero no se como recuperar. Me dicen que ha sido utilizada por otra persona, y ya he cubierto el famoso cuestionario como unas 15 veces y me dicen que no es suficiente información…. vamos que creo que les importa poco la satisfacción de los usuarios….
    ¿ que puedo hacer para recuperar mi cuenta? Gracias de antemano por tu trabajo.

  11. Not only message count and notifications are broken but the instant sync in Windows Live Mail as well. It works like a POP3, checks emails randomly while the instant sync works just fine in IOS.

    • Windows Live Mail uses Microsoft’s DeltaSync protocol and therefore relied on Messenger to notify it when to retrieve new messages. With this feature gone in Messenger, it will just poll like POP3. Other platforms, like on iOS, use the Exchange ActiveSync protocol which supports pushing new mail notifications built-in (Android Email, Windows 8 Mail and Outlook 2013 also use the same protocol).

  12. What I don’t understand (not about the email notifications per se but Messenger in general) is why, if the service was “discontinued” back around March 2013, do they still keep releasing updates to Live Messenger? Does Microsoft know they have people still working on and releasing updates for, software you can’t even use anymore (without Reviver)? LOL.

    For example, since the alleged discontinuing of the service the following updates have been released (I’m basing this off the Reviver version history BTW):
    May 2013: 16.4.3508.0205
    Feb 2014: 16.4.3522.0110
    Apr 2014: 16.4.3528.0331

    Each time, even with Reviver, Messenger tells you there’s an update available. You click on it and it downloads the new version. This is NOT the “update” to Skpe, just a new version of Live Messenger. Then if you try to sign in (without downloading and using the latest version of Reviver), you can’t sign in and it just leads you to the screen they’ve had since March 2013 telling you that you must update (this is where it makes you download Skype).

    I don’t get it? Is this simply because Live Messenger is still available/supported in China? Is that why they keep releasing updates for a program that you can’t use “normally”? I have no idea what these updates are adding/changing but certainly they are new revisions.

    Just seems odd to me you’d have to keep updating software that is allegedly no longer supported. Them axing email notification and new message count makes it even more odd. Like one arm at Microsoft has no idea what the other is doing?

    • Greetings Roland. I think it’s a cross between the China support requirement and simply because Essentials is in maintenance mode (ie. nothing but important bug fixes) and one or more of the Essentials gets updated, so they all get updated. Also I believe that removing Messenger from the whole installation would require a fair amount of effort which the bean counters at Microsoft probably aren’t prepared to spend “resources” on. They’d probably be more apt to just axe off the entire package.

      With regards to the email notifications, there’s clearly more going on there on the server-side (like moving the feature to Skype) but I don’t think it’s directly related to Messenger updates. In their eyes, Messenger is shut down and the feature can be killed or moved as they wish.

      I have a few ideas related to that I’ll be sharing soon in another blog post (yes, shameless self promotion).

      • Ah I see, well I guess this is finally the end for me and Messenger, lol. Nobody really uses it anymore, though I never got why. I mean disregarding the fact that they “discontinued” it, it fell out of popularity a long time before that. Like you mentioned on another post, I too have seen no one I know personally use it for years. It’s funny because I have a Windows Phone (7.5) so technically I’m signed in and available ALL the time, yet I can probably count on one hand how many times I’ve had an MSN message come through! I guess between sites like fb providing “chat” services (which suck let me tell you) and people having fewer actual conversations online (in my experience anyway), it just kinda went way of the dinosaur.

        In the last couple years I was mainly using it for the email notifications, email count, and quick access to Hotmail (:ahem: Outlook), but now that 2/3rds of that is gone I guess I might as well throw in the towel. It’s amazing to think how much I actually used to use it to chat with people though. 8-10 years ago, I would never have thought it would just become a figurative ghost town never mind getting shut down due to waning popularity. Then again I think a lot of folks might think that about fb & twitter today…by 2025 they might just be fading memories. I’m not all that fond of either, at least not like I used to like talking with ppl on Messenger!

        The good ol’ days of “Hotmail” and “MSN” are gone I guess–replaced by the likes of “Outlook” and the ever useless “Skype”.

        One thing I might add though regarding the email notifications though… I noticed recently that if I’m signed into my “Microsoft Account” (as they call it these days) and I’m on the MSN homepage (i.e. MSN.ca in my case) there is indeed a little section on the lower left side of the page where it will show the first x number of emails in my Outlook and I can go from there to my Inbox by clicking Not much of a consolation but it’s there. I actually don’t know how long that’s been going on for, I just realised it a couple days ago.

        Anyway, thanks for providing this workaround program/utility for as long as you have–definitely appreciated! Hopefully someday soon Skype will feature the email notification and Outlook/Inbox linking (the lack of which was the reason I uninstalled Skype the same day I installed it).

        So long Messenger, we had good some good memories.

  13. hello jonathan, any news regarding messenger or Skype email notification?

    • Well, one thing I’ve noticed yesterday and checked again today to confirm, is that new messages immediately get received on Outlook.com again for non-Skype connected users. I’ve updated the post with this new info.

      • hello jonathan, a lil be confused I guess. I have install Skype and also I have messenger live 2012. i’m lost what do we have to do step by step…. :)

        • I’ll be happy to help, but what are you trying to do? You can have both Skype and Messenger installed, but the e-mail notifications are gone in both clients so you’ll have to use another tool like the Howard one mentioned in the post or a separate e-mail client. Although based on the evidence we’ve seen so far, I highly suspect that mail notifications will appear in future Skype desktop release.

  14. jonathan, I have howard installed. when, do you believe that Skype will get the email notifications “button”?

    • I’m afraid I can’t even think of a good educated guess for you. For all we know, they have no plans to add that feature and the Outlook.com guys are simply providing them a way to do it in the future (despite being owned by Microsoft, Skype is somewhat a separate entity). So far it seems they’re concentrated on changing the user interface of the desktop version as opposed to adding features; see this neowin article.

  15. How do I remove messenger reviver? If it doesn’t show me the message count I really don’t need it anymore.

    • Greetings Karen. Other than installing Messenger, Reviver doesn’t install anything for you to remove. Just uninstall Messenger normally by removing Windows Essentials (or Windows Live Essentials) from Programs and Features in the Control Panel.

  16. I thought it was strange that i hadn’t had a new e-mail in a while.. lol. Today I checked and a had a lot. It took me a month to notice. lol. But it’s dissapointing to have the notifications not working anymore. At least now I know it’s not just me with the problem, I appreciate your blog!! Thanks for all your work.

  17. Damn you microsoft

    • I quite agree, couldn’t have put it better myself.
      Don’t know why they can’t leave things how they were.

  18. Hi Jonathan – I just wanted to thank you. I am using Howard in combo with Live Mail and it works just as good as Messenger did if not better.
    Thanks again and I appreciate the updates you have been providing.

  19. Hi. I’ve downloaded the latest version of Messenger Reviver 2 (as of Nov 13, 2014) and it simply closes itself and nothing really happens. What should I do?

    • Greetings Liam. It sounds like it’s crashing. More information on your system configuration would be helpful and also which version of Messenger you’re planning on reviving.

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