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  1. Does anyone know how we can keep the logitech vid hd?? Ending on July 1, 2013

    • Greetings Joanne. I don’t have this application and they’re not allowing signups, so I can’t be completely sure, but the application appears to be tied to a server at logitech. As such, they’re probably intending to shut this down and there won’t be any way to really bring it back.

  2. i cannot send or recieve sms or text messages like i used to be able to. can you help

  3. IS there issues adding new contacts after running reviver ?? or am I missing something?? Cheers Shane

    • Greetings Shane. There are no specific issues, except that your contacts will need to be using Messenger to receive the invitations normally. Users on Skype do not have the ability to receive Messenger contact requests nor add them using the Skype client. They will however receive an e-mail notifying them of your contact add request and can then add you using the People website. If they missed the e-mail, they just need to go visit this link and can accept the contact invitation there. They will need to restart Skype to see your new contact as Skype only reads the Messenger contact list when it signs in.

  4. Hello! First of all, a big thank you for messenger reviver, it was really great. But, I was wondering if you know some way to make the MSN games work? I really enjoyed things like minesweeper on multiplayer and kinda miss it now. Thanks again!

  5. Não consigo instalar o reviver messenger,me ajude;por favor!

  6. My msn is really slow. I can’t even go see the emoticone, how should I do?

  7. I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that I started using Reviver back when it first came out because of the obvious “I HATE SKYPE” syndrome that Microsoft gave me during one of my Q&A sessions with Messenger Support. I worked for Microsoft for 8 years so I have a good idea of what is going on behind the scenes. Especially since my husband still works there. I had already gone through MSN Messenger withdrawal once when they started making drastic changes to IM they had us internal employes switch over to Windows Communicator and we could no longer use Messenger at work. Then when the blow hit that they were changing over to Skype for everything I was devastated. Skype is clearly an inferior product so what they are doing here does not make sense but Microsoft has done a lot of things lately that make no sense.

    Anyway, just as I was trying resign myself that I was going to have to switch over to Yahoo IM I found a link to your beautifully crafted “workaround”. The gratitude that I have for what you have done is literally out of this world in size. I did not relish the thought of having to retrain my Family (Father, Aunt, Mother-in-Law, Grandmother-in-law, etc.) on how to use a new IM program.

    Today I had a forced update to Windows Essentials which of course upgraded my MSN Messenger back to the “You have a newer version” loop. When I went to revert it back with Reviver I noticed you had a newer version but I also noticed there has been little activity on the message area. So I wanted to make sure that you knew a lot of us out here still use your Tool and hope that you can keep it going.

    My Family, Friends and I quit Facebook back in September when they started removing the Privacy settings and forcing our profiles public along with adding information about us that they got from third party affiliates without our permission. I was rudely made aware of this fact by logging into Facebook one morning in September to see my FICO score and the banks I do business with plaster at the top of my Timeline feed with the Privacy settings set to Public/Everyone. I in no way authorized that information and having been using the internet for 25+ years so I know better than “sharing” that sort of information with anyone.

    The point being that after that little incident and telling everyone I knew about what happened we all deactivated our Facebook accounts and went back to MSN messenger for our daily/weekly update chats. If you need any sort of donations to keep you going please do not hesitate to let us know. I know I am not the only one out here that needs your program and would not mind helping in anyway we can to make sure you can continue to keep your work up to date.

    Thank you again for all of your help and time,


  8. Hi Jonathan…last year you sent me the messenger rival link to revive my messenger…I need to do it sgain, is it safe to click reviver 2 now ?…forgive my ignorance but I just want to be sure its ok to do so

    • Greetings Chris. Yes, Reviver 2 is the successor to the original Reviver and has multiple safeguards. I admit they have slightly different goals but I liked the name :p

  9. Hi Jonathan..Further to my message above,.I forgot to mention, I am using Windows 8…not Windows 8.1, not sure you need to know that info but I thought I would mention it anyway as I am a complete useless person as far as computers go, loll.

  10. Hi, I have been using MSN reviver for a while and I love it. It was a pretty stupid move on MS part to force all users into Skype, imo. The problem that brings me here, however, is that for the past few days people that I have been using reviver with cant seem to connect. I am not sure if its because the entire servers are down or there is a bug but it seems to be the program rather than a connection problem.


  11. Hi,
    Can I add skype contact om msn 2009 or 2012 ?

    • Greetings klo. If the Skype contact uses a Microsoft account to sign in, you can add that address and then they’ll just need to sign in at with that account to accept your contact add invitation (or they can use the real or third-party Messenger client). Afterwards, they’ll need to restart Skype and you’ll show up on their contact list. People using just Skype usernames cannot be added however.

  12. Can you please add back the Messenger Reviver page link to the main menu of the site? It was a lot easier to find that way. Thanks!

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