Privacy/Software Policy

MessengerGeek is a hosted WordPress blog and when you visit this site your IP address will be collected for statistical data only.


If you make a comment on any of the blog pages, any information you enter into the form can be seen by the site owner.  The only information seen by other visitors will be your entered name, comment and an optional link.


Advertising by WordPress may sometimes appear on this blog to fund their hosting of the site content.  More information about this advertising can be found on the WordPress site.


This blog contains multiple software tools that are offered at no cost to the user.  None of these tools contain or download other software other than what is described in their description.  They do not contain optional adware components, toolbar software, or third-party revenue generating software.

The software may attempt to contact a server hosted by the site’s owner to confirm and inform of newer software versions.  This version check is not encrypted and does not contain any user identifiable information or any identifiable information at the computer it is running on.

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