Messenger Status

This page reflects current operational status of the Windows Live (MSN) Messenger service and software.

NOTE: May 20, 2017 – Messenger is no longer available using Messenger Reviver 2 as Microsoft’s final Messenger server has been taken offline as of May 18th. Please see the post on the discontinuation of Messenger Reviver 2 for more information and a tribute.

You can also continue to use older versions of MSN Messenger on a non-Microsoft server. Learn about how to use the Escargot server project and sign in.

If you have not already revived your Messenger client, you will need Messenger Reviver 2 to sign in to the service.

Last checked: May 20 2017 – 04:00 UTC
For connectivity to the Messenger servers, Is MSN dead yet? provides an ongoing monitor and information.

Feature  Status Notes
Access/sign in to Messenger (Skype/SkypeWeb/Miranda-NG) Online Sep 21st, Skype client presently cannot see any contacts but messaging is possible
Last outage Jul 4 2014 ~15 min
Access/sign in to Messenger ( Online Last outage Jul 4 2014 ~15 min
Access/sign in to Messenger (HTTPS) Offline Feb 12 – In some regions, you may not be able to connect (error 80072efd), please revive again using Messenger Reviver 2.4.7 to fix the issue.
Access/sign in to Messenger (MSNP/HTTP) Offline Mar 12th – MSNP18 (Messenger 2009) logins fully rejected by every server, please use Live Messenger 2012
Mar 6th – MSNP logins rejected again, except by db3
Feb 26th – MSNP logins are now being rejected, workaround added
Jan 9th – There may be issues signing in again due to the default db3 servers not accepting all protocols, working on a workaround now.
Dec 1st – Two of the servers you’ll get when trying to connect are now refusing access on the MSNP port, re-revive using Reviver 2.3.5 if you are having issues connecting
Nov 13th – Previously revived Messenger 2008 and 2009 clients cannot sign in and will get error code 85ae0010, 2011 and 2012 clients are still working. Run the latest version of Reviver to fix the issue.
Nov 12th – Clients using the old 8.5 application ID no longer work but are being updated. The real Messenger client continues to work using Reviver.
Last outage Nov 2, ~60 min, prior Jul 4 2014 ~15 min
Adding/removing contacts Offline Users using Skype will need to use another Messenger client (like Butterfly Messenger or web-based iwantim) to accept
Badges Offline
Clickable hyperlinks Offline Currently broken in Messenger 2012
Custom emoticons Offline
Display names Offline Feature does not exist in Messenger 2012, but you can still change your “real” name and the names of others
Display pictures/scenes Offline
E-mail notifications Offline Shutdown April 2014
Facebook feeds Offline Stopped working with the shut down of Facebook Connect
Facebook Messenger Offline Stopped working with the shut down of Facebook Connect
File transfer Offline
Games Offline Shutdown April 30 2013
Group Messaging Offline Shutdown June 2015
Messenger Plus! Sounds Offline Plus! server returned July 2014 after 3 month outage (thanks Bertil)
MSN Mobile (SMS) Offline
MSN Today Offline
Offline messaging Offline Your contacts that use Skype or the web client will still be able to receive offline messages
P4 activities (MSN Photo Swap, etc.) Offline
Persistent groups Offline
Photo Sharing Offline
Remote Assistance Offline May require manual Teredo configuration
Status/personal messages Offline
Third-party services/stores Offline
Voiceclips Offline
Winks Offline Newer versions of Adobe Flash break winks from displaying, you can use an older version of Flash
Voice/video Offline Only works in some networking scenarios as the relay servers are not operational. It is recommended to use a browser-based alternative like Google Hangouts for voice or video instead.
What’s new? Offline
XMPP access/sign in Offline Shutdown December 2013
  1. If its works for u how its works..u sould make a little video how to intstall message maybe we do somting wrong.

  2. video and call works sometimes,but its very very slow.

  3. Hola, si bien es muy bueno usar Messenger la versión 2009 ya no sirve y es la que más me gusta ya que el diseño del Messenger 2012 no es muy de mi agrado. ¿Podrían volver a ponerlo? ¡Gracias!

  4. msn9 the best skype is rubbish

    msn9 something other than skype is very boring

  5. This is so nice! However some contacts show as offline even though they are online. And I also wonder, is it possible to send files?

  6. Want to inform that as of 17-7-2015, functions like “File transfer” “Nudges” and “image sharing” has been disabled.

    • They are working just fine for me. I believe what you’re seeing is when you try to use these functions with non-Messenger users, in which case they will not be available.

  7. Awww group chats are dead. Any chance they will come back somehow? Anyway I can still group chat with Windows live contacts

    • same here. I can’t chat with groups anymore, and this SUCKS.
      how am I supposed to play rpg without a group??!
      I’m so sad…

      • Is there anything special you used in the Messenger group conversations? I’m sure myself or someone else could point you in the direction of another IM service or client that might be equivalent.

        • well, yes… I need a messenger where I can sign in multiple accounts, because I control more than one rpg character… this is why I still use msn, but now it’s pointless, because without a chat, we can’t play! =///

  8. my msn was working fine on my windows 8 but it refused to work on windows 10? Will there be an updated version or do I just uninstall and reinstall?

  9. is anyone here having trouble with group chats? they’re not working anymore with me.

  10. Dear Jonathan,
    How well do you know the structure behind Windows Live and the servers? I mean, you was able to redirect older clients to use a specified server.
    My question is, could it be possible to create a similar network as windows live but with own servers?
    Then you could redirect the client with your reviver program to use the “new network” and we could create a network as a shadow copy of the original.
    Then if Microsoft decides finally kill MSNP21 we only should switch to our own network.
    Would it be possible to configure a windows live network copy with own servers?

  11. I have a problem with messenger. Everyone facebook contacts appear as disconnected even if some of them if they are connected.

  12. ah i’m getting some issue with my messenger the reviver isn’t working when i try to trouble shoot says keyports is out the error is 80072745

  13. Hi Jonathan. Is it possible to tell wlm somehow which version of flash should be used? I mean, winks are working with older version of flash but for other reason newer version needs to be installed. Is there any way for example to download the older npswf32 dll and tell messenger to use it instead of the never version? Thanks.

    • This might be possible by using registration free COM. I’ll investigate and see when I get a chance.
      One other available solution is to simply use Windows 8 or Windows 10 – the flash version that comes built-in with both of these operating systems works just fine in Messenger too. I’m not entirely sure where the problem is to know if we could backport this version to fix the problem or not.

  14. turns out installing on my new computer it works again however if i use an ip masker it wont allow me to access it.

  15. ah I have ‘hide-my-ip” if i use it, it basically changes my ip to a different location. like to california or where-ever. and when i use it messenger refuses to connect, of course I find this to be normal because some games even wont connect unless i turn it off xD

  16. sur un de mes comptes je n arrive pas a faire l acceptation de demande d amis en bas en cliquant sa me dirige vers skype quelqun peut t il m aider svp?c est très désagréable peut on mettre les contact skype sur msn messenger aussi?merci quelq un peut t il me répondre en francais et m aider svp??

  17. Im using windows 10 and Windows 2012, but it says i can’t sign in because there might be a problem with my internet connection, make sure your computer is connected to internet. I checked my firewall but i blocks nothing. So can you help me

    • Greetings Yassine. Can you click the ‘Show details’ button and note the error code? The actual “can’t sign in” error message doesn’t yield a lot of details to help.

  18. I can’t add my friend!! Can you please help me ??

  19. i cant send winks and i cant videochat???

  20. Are Messenger Plus! Winks broken? The original built-in winks are working perfectly, but if I try to send a wink provided by Messenger Plus, after sending it brokes the program.
    Sorry for my question, I know this isn’t directly a WLM problem. But if anyone has solution, please tell me. Thanks!

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