Hi I’m Jonathan Kay.  I was a Microsoft MVP for 13 years, 10 of them being for Windows Live Messenger.

If you have any feedback or questions, let me know!  You can find out more about me personally at my personal web site.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you find the content here useful in your Messenger and communication endeavours.

  1. Mercia Costa

    Obg por ter restaurado o msn, muito bom mesmo, valeu!!!

  2. Hi, Jonathan!
    I absolutely despise the mandatory merge of Windows Live Messenger and Skype, and your Messenger reviver worked wonders, however I’m now having problems. Earlier this evening, my messenger just logged me out suddenly and whenever I go to sign back in, it keeps telling me I’ve the wrong username or password. I downloaded and used your Make Windows Remember program, and that hasn’t worked either.

    I know earlier today I had an Xbox Live Help Chat going because of some issues with the new double security thing, but I’m unsure if that has anything to do with it. I can still log into my email from the web and even changed my password! Alas, still no good.

    Do you have any suggestions on what might be wrong? Any magical fixes? Or am I forced to suck it up and go with the merge? Any help is greatly appreciated!


    • Greetings Kate. In the past few days, Messenger has had some sever outages that has affected all clients that are still using Messenger and preventing some logins. It’s my understanding that most of these problems have been fixed as of today, but the reliability might still be a tad inconsistent.

      • You are absolutely right! It works again! Sorry to trouble you with a bit of a frivolous problem! Thank you for responding back! It does make sense as to why I was having troubles. Your Messenger Reviver is amazing though! I’ve directed all my friends who really dislike the messenger merge with Skype to your awesome program!
        ~Peace out, and take care!

        • can i get rid of the strip on the right hand side of messenger with all the adverts in it? they say there is a x at the bottom that you click to do this but there is not. any help gratfully received. frank green

          • When they’re talking about the x, they mean in each conversation window. Although there are other ways of removing the ads that are more complicated, you can switch to the smaller view in Messenger which shows a far less annoying ad. To do this, click the top-right corner button (next to where your name and the Inbox are listed) which will switch you to the ‘Compact view’.

        • It’s no problem, thanks for the high praise 🙂

  3. Hey Jonathon, the link to download MSN Reviver only allows you to download MSN 2012 is there anyway around this? as I personally preferred the 2009 version of MSN.

  4. Hi Jonathan
    This is Juan from Peru.

    I want a mail notifier in my inbox from the desktop.
    The skype does not have yet, and Messenger Reviver 2 alone will be until march.

    Can you make a program for post notifications either hotmail or Outlok?

    Thank you very much God bless you.

  5. Hi Jonathan, since the force to change to Skype, I have been using msn after installing MessengerReviver-2. Rcently i have encountered a situtation where i tried to add a new contact. Funny is that after adding, i cannot see my friend even tho she is online.. but if i use Skype i can see her.. i really really dun like using Skype and would like to see if you have any solutions to help me.. Thank you soooooo much!

    • Greetings Veronica. I’ve been meaning to do a full post on this. Adding contacts has changed slightly since the forced move to Skype. Users on Skype do not have the ability to receive Messenger contact requests nor add them using the Skype client. If you add new contacts using Skype, they will be added to the Skype contact list and not the Messenger one. This is why they show up when you use Skype.

      However, Skype users will receive an e-mail notifying them of your contact add request and can then add you using the Outlook.com People website. If they missed the e-mail, they just need to go visit this link and can accept the contact invitation there. You can also use that link to add people to Messenger. A final note: your contact (on Skype) will need to restart the Skype client to see your online contact as Skype only reads the Messenger contact list when it signs in.

  6. Peter Torres Jr.

    hi, some of the dates I see here was when msn was still on, but can you tell me , will there ever be an other msn messenger or live messenger again ,? dont know why they did that , took out and left only skype , msn was so much better , I which , some company would take over and start msn again , I have had skype for years , maybe about 8 years and did not used that much , but msn was the perfect chat and video program ever ,,,,,, sure miss msn 😦 thanks , Peter

  7. Awesome, awesome, awesome site! Thank you so much for bringing Windows Live Messenger back to me. ; w ;

  8. que veux dire restriction de pont NAT comment y remedier merci

  9. Hi Jon !
    messenger reviver works on win xp x64 ?

  10. Nice work, man. :p

  11. Hey Jonathan!

    I have a question. So, my brother HATES 2011 and is trying to download 2009 but it keeps saying that he has a newer version of messenger. I’ve already uninstall essentials from his laptop and even looked through the Program Files… it says there is no MSN at all. Since it’s 2011, ZapMessenger won’t work, will it?… I really don’t know how this all works… Could you please help me? By the way, you’re amazing. One of the few from Microsoft who really wants his costumers happy 🙂

  12. i still use my lovelevy msn messenger. thanks man. you are awesome. i have 2 heros in my life, edward snowden and jonathan kay.

  13. Hey Jonathan,

    I just wanna say thank you so much for creating Messenger Reviver.
    I really like Skype, but its just not the same as MSN. Thank you for truely reviving the best text messenger created until today.

  14. hello!can I ask you a question?msn messenger will stop working in march 14?

  15. Hi, when making Messenger Reviver 2, did you change the host where MSN connects? Can you change it to another? So we could have like a custom server and have MSN while Microsoft shuts down everything.

  16. não consigo abaixar msn reviver da erro 0x080040800

  17. Hi Jonathan –

    Any updates on when MS plans to shut down the underlying IM services that the revived Messenger clients rely on?

    I recall that was planned for March of 2014. I was wondering if that has changed – or if I totally misunderstood and there is no planned shutdown.


    • Greetings Flipper. There was no planned shutdown, just a guess. The March date was based on information indicating when a piece of the mobile proxying feature of Messenger was shutting down (it’s since been revised till May 31st), so we knew Messenger would be available “up to” that point… basically, it works until it doesn’t 🙂

  18. hello jonathan
    you can make msn messenger funcionadn odespues follow the May 31, 2014. Creating new servers or re programming the application. Thank you very much for the last year

    ”We recently announced that we’ll begin to encourage Messenger users to start using Skype. As a result, the Messenger developer program will end. Existing implementations that use Mobile Service Proxy (MSP) will continue to work until May 31, 2014.”
    Source: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/live/ff519582.aspx

  19. hello jonathan, my live messenger popup windows is not shown when I received a mail. what is all about?

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