Messenger and the Windows Essentials installers removed from Microsoft servers

At what is no surprise to anyone, the Windows Essentials have disappeared from the Microsoft servers.

I did prepare for this situation for Reviver use and the Essentials installer files have been saved.  However, this does mean that installing Messenger for the time being will now be a larger download at 100MB.

Additionally, not all the languages will be available for the next few hours, if there is one you are in need of right now, please let me know in the comments and I’ll move it up in queue. All languages are now available. 


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  1. alexisnik199111

    thank you for the support Jonathan!!!!!

  2. miguel veilleux

    Hello my friend 🙂

    Thank you very much for all the help you give us !!!

    We appreciate you very much !!!

    Blessing !!!

    Miguel 🙂

    Québec , Canada !

  3. Ce que je ne comprend pas tout le monde se bat pour que Microsoft ne supprime pas Windows live Messenger moi la première puisque sa fait 35 ans que je l’utilise et Microsoft l’a mis au profit de Skype. C’est un très bon logiciel pourquoi même il a été modifié au niveau des contacts que l’on ne peut même pas supprimer.

  4. I have a time a go saved the dutch installer from essentials 2009 and that latest edition i think 2012?

  5. What about the groups please answer me

  6. The Group Feature is The Most IMPORTANT Thing to me please is there any Perfect Solution ?

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