Messenger and Microsoft accounts down for some users today (error code 81000395)

This afternoon Microsoft account based services like Messenger, Skype, Xbox, and others are experiencing intermittent issues. 

In Messenger you’ll get error code 81000395 when you try to sign in. Additionally when you do sign in, contact lists may be incomplete.

Just keep trying and it should eventually allow you to sign in. 

You can also check the Skype heartbeat and 365 status pages. 


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  1. There was a cumulative update today (KB4015438) for Windows 10 Anniversary users (1607). Since I was able to log in to through a web browser, and Skype is working too, but Messenger fails to log in, I must say it is likely that the cumulative update messed up something. Could you look into it?

    • Never mind, after making several attempts and deleting and re-entering the password into Messenger, finally I was able to log in.

  2. Yes, I too had problems signing in to Hotmail (Outlook)
    Tried several times and had a wait, but finally managed to get in ok.

  3. Microsoft store was having login issues too

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