Signing out of the Skype app on Windows 10 Anniversary Update

If you use Windows 10, no doubt you have updated to the Anniversary Update (Version 1607, build 14393) which has a built-in Skype app called Skype Preview.

After using Reviver to revive Messenger on the new version of Windows, you may notice that Messenger will tell you you’re signed into multiple locations with the same device name.

Messenger status menu with two locations

This will happen if you use your Microsoft account to sign into Windows and the Skype app will automatically make use of your Microsoft account to sign you into the .NET Messenger network.

The biggest problem with this is that you’ll remain signed into Messenger, even if you’re signed out of Messenger or your computer is off as the Skype app operates on the Microsoft servers.  Additionally, even if you use Messenger to force the Skype app to sign out, the app will eventually sign you back in again on its own.

Thankfully you can choose to sign out of the Skype app and use the real Messenger client exclusively.  To do so, just head over to the Start menu and click on the Skype Preview tile (or find it on the applications list under S).

Windows 10 Start Menu with Skype Preview tile highlighted

When the Skype app opens, choose the hamburger menu button in the top corner and then choose your name at the bottom.

Skype app menu with options listed

You’ll then find a Sign out link under your name and info, clicking on the link should sign you out and then close the Skype app automatically.

Sign out link in Skype App

Now you’ll only be signed into one location.

Messenger status menu with one location

Signing out of the Skype app has been maintained through the insider builds, so you should hopefully only need to do this once.  You can always start the Skype app and sign in again if you would like to try the app at a later time.


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  1. Thank you!

  2. This is completely off topic, but do you know of any other genius programmer kinda like you who has in mind to revive yahoo messenger? I read a comment about you in another forum and of course I remembered you’re the guy who allows us to still be able to keep using wlm. I doubt you’re aware of it, but Yahoo (Verizon) has decided to go skype on our asses and disabled ym.

    • I don’t think this is possible, at least in the same way. The “new” Yahoo Messenger is totally separate from the old one and to the best of my knowledge Yahoo has completely removed the existing servers, so there’s nothing for the old clients to connect to. Someone could build a server from scratch I suppose.

      • bonsoir jonathan,je me permet de vous écrire ce méssage parce que j’ai un probléme depuis deux mois,voissi mon probléme,quant je me connecte avec windows live messenger 2012,dans ma liste de contacte j’ai des contacte qui on disparu,ce qui fait que je les ajoute a ma liste de contacte,et quant il son ajouté il figure en hors ligne alor qu’il son connecté.
        je préssise que je suis obliger de les ajouté a chaque fois que je me connecte a windows live messenger 2012,et je pressise que sa me fait sa que a 5 contacte,parce que tout mes autres contacte fonctionne correctement.
        mes si je suis obliger d’ajouté les 5 contacte a chaque fois que je me connecte a windows live messenger 2012 sa devien insuportable,mes si en plus il figure en hors ligne alor qu’il son connecté c’est encore plus insuportable.
        ce qui fait que j’ai deux probléme en un.
        en espérent que vous pourais faire quelque chose ce qui cerais trés bien pour moi.
        je vous préssise que sa me fait sa sur windows 7 et windows 10, parce que j’ai les deux, ce qui me permet de voir si il y a une diférance entre les deux windows.
        donc je vous demande de bien vouloir faire le necessaire affin que tout redevienne comme je l’avez au debut merci

  3. Wow thank you! That’s really sad tbh, they’ve outdone skype, and in a bad way.

  4. Hi everyone!MSN works 4 videocalls? if u wanna talk on msn

  5. Hi Jonathan, Shane here. As of recently, I have changed my primary e-mail address to a alias as my primary (the one I use to log into messenger and outlook), but eversince that moment, while I can still log into Outlook just fine with my original e-mail address, I suddenly I can’t log into messenger anymore with the said e-mail, always giving me the error code:


    Its saying the service is temporarily unavailable, which I know isn’t true. I also tried re-using the reviver to no successful effect. What is going on I ask? Can you help me? It all happened the moment I switched my @msn address to that of a Outlook alias one, which funny enough I can use instead to log into the service just fine. But I like to use my old one for this? Is this possible, or should I just use the Outlook version now? What happens with my old @msn address?

    I also read I can’t revert back my primary e-mail adress to my adress, because its a system design suddenly. Has this always been the case?

    Note: I posted this message before, but there was no reply, so I’m reposting it here with some addtiional info. Sorry if its off topic.

  6. Hey Jonathan! First of all, THANK YOU for all your hard work. It’s really impressive.
    Since a few days ago I’ve been having some problems with MSN reviver. My account closes a lot by “conection problems” although I still connected to internet and can navigate through other websites. I’d like to know if this is normal and If there is something I can do. Shall I uninstall and re-install the version once again?


  7. Hi Jonathan,

    Though your work is very impressive, I can’t help but believe all this work could’ve been mostly prevented by creating a separate server and “hacking” Messenger to work with that. I’d appreciate you thinking about it. 🙂

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