Skype is down

…but Messenger isn’t!

Skype Down

More information can be found on Skype’s blog post about the problem and you can also use the web version of Skype (although it seems to be slightly overloaded right now).

UPDATE: Skype was mostly restored at 19:00 UTC, after 11 hours of downtime.  The apology from Skype.

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  1. I know you deal with Messenger, Jonathan, but Skype is my livelyhood 😦 I can’t log in, and I can’t even access their website to get help. Do you have any information on the problem? Or what I can do to get back onto Skype? I really need help soon 😦

    Thanks so much.

  2. Thanks for the reply. However I can’t even log in anymore. I input my login info and it hangs on the swirly “thing”. Skype suddenly went offline, so I closed it out, but now it won’t even let me sign in. I’m even having trouble posting in their community…the pages won’t load. Note too, that it isn’t connected to any other services ie MSN.

  3. Hello Jonathan, Hope you are well. Does this mean that Messenger now works? I gave up on it some time ago. I still miss email notifications. Howard email notification played up with me,,,,,, and in the end would not work. Any news would be gratefully received. Regards. Ian.

  4. I work with people who started using Skype IM because they were told to (by MSN). I was the only one who didn’t (and won’t). I was also the only one w/ an IM client that worked.

  5. P.S.: Interesting that all but the Business (paid) accounts were affected.

    Well…off to earn some beans and rice 🙂

  6. microsoft bring back msn!!!!! 😦

  7. Hello, Jonathan. The MSN butterfly stopped working? I tried to install on three different computers and none worked. Please help me. I want and need to accept my invitations. ]:

  8. Hey guys, I just wanted to share. After a long awaited search for a proper replacement for WLM, my friend finally showed me Slack, a web-based and app-based IM and collaboration software. You can use web browser or download a desktop or phone app to use it. It’s been in development for some time and rapidly growing. It has a corporate approach rather than social, but the most important thing is custom emoticons (emojis) is available. Once you upload it, everyone in your group can see it. It doesn’t have much personal customization like WLM did, but the IM part is innovative and fun.

    I’m not here to advertise Slack. I’ve been a WLM guy through and through and I was really upset when Microsoft pulled the plug. Skype wasn’t terrible but what I miss the most is custom emoticons. They made that possible, so I have high hope that the dev team are working on popular requests, like webm integration and more.

  9. >Luka Luka Night Fever
    >that good taste

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