Messenger bay servers disappear, then reappear

A BayWithin the last few hours, the Messenger “bay” group of servers all went dark causing outages for a small number of Messenger accounts whom Microsoft has deemed only usable on that group of servers.

If this affected you, the error code you would have seen was 80072efd or in more useful terms, Can’t connect to server.

A good chunk of the servers have now returned and those accounts should now again be operational.

Given that we’ve seen larger changes happen around this time on Thursdays in the past, I highly suspect they were offline for some sort of maintenance, possibly related to the new Skype web client in

As always, you can monitor the servers yourself by going to dx’s ever useful (choose “Click to show needlessly detailed server status”).


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  1. I’m having kinda problem with the pictures, I change them, but they don’t change for the person who I’m talking to. It takes a life to change, when it changes. And the other person’s pics also are not changing for me, when they change it there. Do you have any way to help me, please? Thanks in advance!

  2. @Stephanie Bittencourt

    You can try to close Messenger, then delete C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live\Contacts\ and after this, start Messenger again. This clears your Messenger contact list’s cache and downloads your contact list again. Let me know if this helped đŸ™‚

  3. Damn… some part of my previous message got deleted for some reason :/ The trick is to delete your Messenger email directory from Windows Live\Contacts folder and then start Messenger again.

  4. PLEASE HELP! MSN completely won’t work now that my computer upgraded itself to windows 10! HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP!!!

  5. Messenger has been super wonky for me lately! My contacts’ conversation theme won’t change anymore, and any images they send me freeze up the conversation and boot me off MSN. But they can see me change my theme, and I can send them images without problems… I’m not sure why this happens, and why I can send them stuff but they can’t send me anything without MSN bursting into flames.

  6. Hey, Jonathan. I can’t make group conversations on Windows Live messenger 2012 (revived). This is normal? or there’s something I can do?

    Thank you so much.

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