Butterfly Messenger

It’s no small thing to say that the reaction to Windows Live Messenger 2009 and related clients that use the older Messenger protocol has been pretty intense.  Regardless if you’re using Windows XP, you have a favourite feature that’s missing in the 2012 version, or you simply do not want to use Skype, it seems everyone is looking for another option to choose from.

Butterfly Messenger

Butterfly Messenger is an improved working version of the client used to demonstrate MSNPSharp.   It supports the same protocol version as Windows Live Messenger 2012 (MSNP21), and has the a basic Messenger feature set.

The current release is an alpha version of Butterfly Messenger intended to be used to collect feedback on bugs, features and other changes.  However, it is relatively stable and usable.

Butterfly Messenger

System Requirements

Butterfly Messenger currently requires Windows XP or above with at least the .NET Framework 2.0 or above installed.

Although MSNPSharp was deliberately written to support Mono (on other platforms), the client presently does not run on Mono (but probably works on WINE), hopefully this will be addressed later for Linux and/or OS X compatibility.

Download and installation

You can now download the third alpha release of Butterfly Messenger.  Due to the early nature of the project, it does not presently have an installer and you will need to extract the files to a folder of your choice and run it from there.  Butterfly Messenger makes use of the Segoe UI font (like Messenger).  If you do not have the Segoe UI font installed right now, you can install it from the Messenger 2009 files.

Feedback and bugs

Please feel free to leave quick comments here on this post, but if you wish to go in depth, you can make use of the Butterfly Messenger category on the forum.

Known issues

  • Depending on the situation, brand new conversation windows may blink even if they’re in focus.  If you start typing a reply, they should stop blinking.
  • Flickering in the contact list.
  • Custom emoticons will appear, but the current conversation window does not support animated GIFs.  Animated GIF display pictures work though.
  • You cannot rename contacts.

Open Source

Butterfly Messenger is open source software and based on the MSNPSharp project code.  A repository will be set up shortly once more details about the project have been finalized.

Oct 10 2015
  • Further nameserver exception fix
Sep 23 2015
  • Fixes Nameserver exception trying to connect to by changing server hostname to the same one used for Reviver
Mar 25 2015
  • First alpha release of Butterfly Messenger

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  1. Thanks for this great MSN alternative! Works well on XP!
    Wouldn’t it be easier to code a kind of proxy between WLM2009 and the servers, using MSNPSharp?

  2. How do we log in? How do we register login info?

    Some help would be very appreciated 🙂

    • Same procedure as always. Your ID (Microsoft Hotmail address) aznd your normazl password. Not different than WLM. AS shame that a screen capture can not be attached here, otherwise would have shown you.
      My buttewrfly is logging in and reports connected and loading contact list, however, procedcure does not complete and keeps rotating for ever.
      Already commented this issue two dazys ago. Jonathan did not yet respond. Probabley away for the holiday.
      Does anyone know the remedy. There seems to be a collision with .net.
      For the time being, logging in via the mail account.

      • Thanks for the reply Amnon.

        When I log in with my MSN info (its not a hotmail address), it says “connecting to server, loading contacts…”, then I get the follow “Nameserver Exception”: http://oi62.tinypic.com/bgaati.jpg

        Any help is greatly appreciated!!

        • Thanks G k. Very similar to my own situation. I suspect a conflict with .net Framework. and await Jonathan to respond as I believe I have sufficient information for him to analyse.
          Do yoiu know a way to include a screen capture here?
          I love the Messenger aznd will be in the cloud when can work normally there.
          Lookiing at your time I believe you are in the States. I am in Europe where it is morning already.

        • Hm, it looks like you’re being redirected to a server that doesn’t exist.

          Butterfly has a hidden debug window you can activate before you try to sign in. Just double-click in the empty space to the left of where you enter your Microsoft account and it should pop up. Then you can try to sign in. In the event it doesn’t pop up, restart the client.

          As I’m sure you know, you can hit Ctrl-A, to select and then Ctrl-C to copy the text from the debug window elsewhere. I’m not quite sure what messages you’ll see but I think it should reveal the issue.

          • Good morning Jonathan.
            Just sent a reply to mail announcing this message including four screen cazptures azs I am unable to include those here.
            Is there a way to attach files here= Please let me know.
            I get no result clickin on empty space left to my ID.
            Link to tinypic brings only some commmercial advertising. Do not understand your purpose here.
            I am getting frustrated azs it does not work 9in my case.
            I hope you will read my mail aznd waiting eagerly for your reply.
            Have a pleasant weekend.

  3. I downloaded messenger butterfly but when i sign in it says me something about times new ro man and i can’t chat:/

    • Greetings mary. Thanks for the bug report, could take a screenshot or type out the exact error message? Details on what version of Windows you’re using would be helpful too.

      • hello:)um ok i can’t take a screenshot because the message is in greek so i will try to translate it.When i manage to sign in i see all my contacts and when i press send a message on a contact this appears:There was an exception which was not arranged in your application.If you click ”next” the error will be ignored and the application will try to continue.If you click ”exit” the application will immediately close.The font ”Times New Roman” doesn’t support the style ”Underline”. (When i press ”next” nothing happens and when i press ”more detail” it appears a really long text with the title ”Exception Text” ..should i send this too?)i have windows vista:)

  4. Still not working for me. I get that same error everyone else seems to be getting, and I couldn’t get the debug thing to pop up.

  5. Hi there! 🙂
    Anything like this for my Mac? Working on an older Version of Intel 10.5.9 …

  6. Yo, Jonathan! Like WLM, does dis program notify me when somebody on my contact list shows up online?

  7. That’s a great project that’s helping my friends to keep in contact with me via WLM and I’m grateful to you, Jonathan. If you will translate Butterfly into different languages in the future, I could hel you with the italian version. Thanks again.

  8. I hope Butterfly Messenger gets the following things: Contact status notification feature, new message notification feature dependin’ on how many new messages we get on our Outlook inboxes, sound & sound options, contact personalization options ( esp. changin’ contact status notification sounds ).

  9. Hi, Jonathan! You’re doing a great job for all of us, trying desperately to keep messenger alive, I admire your courage and hope for the future. But to me, the biggest loss was the MSN messenger GAMES. I would do anything to get Minesweeper flags and Bejeweled back. Is this totally impossible or could it be programmed into some future release? I think the greatest way to get in touch with people is *drumroll*…. Playing a game! And now, seeing these days when the kidz bullying each other nite and day, I feel frustrated. They need to relax a bit. And games are basically for the hardcore gamerz these days. They never access the mainstream public in a love-sharing way. Just HATE HATE HATE. There was a swedish site that had lots of boardgames you could play, but it was taken down. I want to get these games back to the society, cause they are very important these day, when everyone attacking, bullying each other (and it will get worse!). Jonathan, you know what I’m talking about, isn’t there something we can do about this? Start a “board game site” or something? Lol. That would be really cool.

    Anyway, have a nice weekend and cheers.

  10. Looks real promising! I’m using Linux though..

    This kept me searching for a different solution, and I’m happy I found just that!!

    Before all this server shutdown chaos, I was using MSN through Pidgin and I’ve finally found a good way to use MSN again without the need to install Skype bloatware!

    I remembered using IRC on Pidgin some time ago, and noticed that “BitlBee” recently fixed their client to use the new MSN protocol..!
    So I installed BitlBee, and created an IRC account in Pidgin, then followed short install-instructions from BitlBee. Crossed my fingers and typed “account msn on” 😀 This worked like a charm 😀

    Now I can use MSN just like before in Pidgin! Only difference is the placement of the buddy list, my online contacts are now shown in the sidebar of a channel window (which is actually handy, since this window also shows when contacts come online and go offline), instead of in pidgin’s regular contact list window.

  11. sorry guys, i asked months ago if there is any chance to use this Messenger in the future without .NET Framework on XP, any news about that ? or maybe another kind of Messenger that works with hotmail ? i don’t like skype.

    any other suggestion ? another kind of messenger maybe ? 😛

    • Miranda-NG recently added MSNP21 support which allows access to MSN using that client, and does not require the framework.

      • Good morning Miranda.
        Will you be so kind to tell me what you mean by adding MSNP21? What do I have to add, where to and how?
        I assume that my problem also lies with the framework. Butterfly is signing in but does not proceed as the contact list does not loazd.
        Have sent screen captures to Jonathan but nop concrete assistanced that far.
        Hope to receive a reply.
        Friendly greetings.
        Amnon. : Bamnon@Hotmail.com :

      • I’m also usin’ this program, 😀 but it doesn’t notify me contact statuses dependin’ on my MSN contact list. It only notifies FB chat replies. 😦

    • Good morning.
      I am also an XP user.
      My butterfly logs in but fails to load the contact list.
      Asked Jonathan for assistance but no progress up till now.
      I hate Skype too and do not even have it instazlled on this machine.
      For trhe time being using Messenger via Hotmail but am restricted to written chats only.
      Will appreciate when you achieve progress.
      My mail address is : Bamnon@Hotmail.com :
      Have a pleasantg day.
      Amnon. :


  13. Yo, Jonathan! I’m now dyin’ 4 a notifier 4 the program.

  14. Dear Jonathan, can you please tell us what is going on in the ismsndeadyet.com website? Today some db3 servers have red marks on MSNP21. Are these just false positives?

    Also, a lot of bn1 servers have red marks on MSNP21 since a long time. Are these bn1 servers really rejecting MSNP21 or is it false positives too? Thanks.

  15. Please, implement animated gifs, that is why I and some friends keep using MSN.

  16. on ismsndeadyet.com some servers have red symbols on MSNP21 Protocol. Do you know what is happening? Is Microsoft blocking MSNP21 on some servers or is some kind of bug from ismsndeadyet.com scanner?

  17. Shouldn’t you put a link to Butterfly Messenger in the top bar?

    • Can be done. An alternative is a bookmakr in your browser.
      However, it must work. it does not on my computer. Contact list is not loading.
      Can anybody help?

  18. How do I remove myself from “Circles”. I clicked on it to see what it was for (and still have no clue, what is it?) but when I click on “leave circle” nothing happens.

  19. when I double click on an offline contact shows me the following error , plus I can not see the photo and others appear as offline 😦


  20. Looks good. I tried it. But it only misses the support for storing history logs onto one’s computer. Likely this is because the program is still in alpha.

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