Issues signing in to Messenger today

Within the last 24-hours or so, a handful of users have let me know that they haven’t been able to sign into Messenger and are receiving error code 80072efd (which means quite simply, “can’t connect”).

This new problem is related to earlier changes Microsoft has made to push Messenger to HTTP and then also to HTTPS.  Now, another group of the Messenger servers no longer are accepting all connections (specifically HTTP and Messenger protocol).  Although Reviver 2.4.0 attempts to address this, because of these changes, at times you will sometimes be sent to servers which older versions of Messenger can no longer connect to.

Despite a good number of sign-in attempts, I have yet to experience the problem, and it seems to be a matter of (bad) luck.  It’s certainly possible this was happening before, but it’s only now become an issue.  A good percentage of those who have had the problem have been able to get back in by simply trying again later.

Unfortunately, there’s no particular elegant fix for this without some software development, but if you’re consistently seeing this problem and wouldn’t mind doing a bit of beta testing on some possible fixes, leave a comment below indicating so and I’ll follow-up with you.

Additionally, Windows Live Messenger 2012 should not have the problem, so if you are using Windows 7 or above, you can upgrade to 2012.  To do so, download and run Reviver, choose the Advanced button, then Do a new Messenger install, and then choose Windows Live Messenger 2012.

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  1. little update,

    till now it seems that wlm 2009 is able to sign in with hotmail and live accounts. still doesn´t work.
    I hope for those who use, that this will get fixed soon.

    Wlm 2012 works fine with all these 3 accounts.

    Can the issue that my accounts doesnt connect with wlm2009.
    Could this have something to do with, that this particular account is linked to skype aswell?

  2. This may be neither here nor there–I don’t know what role connection protocols play.

    Anyway, I use WLM 2008 ( think it was released in 2007, though). I can use PTPP protocol w/ no problem. Just to see, I connected via OpenVPN & couldn’t.

  3. thank you for all this time you’ve given me with msn no one ever gets on anymore an my guy friend n my . . soldier seems to have moved on n left me sitting with memories but i still sit on msn waiting. . so i’m glad it still functions thanks to you

  4. Today I can sign using Adium 😀

    • You caught me 😛 I’ve been slowly deploying my solution to this behind the scenes over the past 24 hours. Because of how Adium works, it may be still unreliable for the next few days until the deployment is complete.

      • Hey Jonathan are you working on a solution for WLM 2009 too? Just out of curiosity, here it’s working fine.

        • Yep! All revived clients will be fixed.

          • Hello Jonathan.
            Great to read some words from you azfter a long radio silence.
            Shall I repeat the Beta test? You did not reply my querry about it.
            Right now I am able to log in for a third day in a row but azm of course not so sure it will keep this way.
            Have a great day.

  5. Hi Jonathan, as of sometime this morning, the address you gave us to bypass MSN’s https signin doesn’t work. The ip address responds to pings, but it doesn’t sign in here. I’m using Miranda NG V0.95.3 with all updated plugins.

  6. WLM 2008 here. I’ve been getting that “can’t connect” error a lot this week. Earlier signing in to my Live account worked. Today no luck. I wonder if a fresh Reviver install via 2.4 would help. Otherwise I could help w/ beta testing 🙂 Thanks!

    • WLM 2009 here, can’t sign in today either. I keep running into the 80072eff error, and I tried reinstalling and reviving the 2009 version. The 2012 version works fine, but I really like the 2009 version. Hope this can get fixed!

  7. Hi Jonathan. Sorry to bother, but is there any estimated time for the launch of a new Messenger Reviver version to fix error code 80072efd for WLM 2009/2011? Thank you very much for keeping MSN alive. You are the hero that is saving us from the Evil Microsoft!

  8. i have had no messenger since the start of january.My 2009 messenger has decided to sign in today. the only thing i have done different was use the skype app on android yesterday.

  9. wlm 2009 error 80072f0d contactlist isnt available, please try later.
    also, when i look at the connections: you are not connected to .net messenger service

  10. Still having issues signing in sometimes :/ Are you still working on the solution Jonathan? Thanks.

  11. Hello, thanks for Messenger Reviver. I really love it!
    Lately I’ve got some troubles with my wlm (Version 2012 Build 16.4.3528.331). I can’t use emoticons anymore. The function is not activated when I look into the options. But when I try to actived it, wlm doesn’t save the changes so that the function is still deactiveted. There’s also a problem in writing long messages. I can’t see what I’m writing when the text is longer than the input-window. For example… I’ve got 4 sentences, the window only show me three of them and is skipping back to the third sentence when I’m writing the 4th one. It drives me crazy… I’ve tried to do a repair install and also a new install but nothing works. Do you have any idea how to solve this problem?

  12. I have the 2011 version, I’m still running Vista on my laptop so I can’t upgrade to the 2012 version.
    I get Error code 80072efd
    When I try the troubleshooter it stops at “Key Ports”

  13. I can’t get a connection log because I can’t sign in.

  14. I got the error tonight & it’s looking unstoppable. I miss the 2009 version too. 😦 I only use the 2012 version in my laptop.

  15. I got the error last night. 😦 Can U make a new version of Reviver that can stop the error forever?

  16. I have windows xp, and I’m receiving error code 80072efd. I use msn live 2009. What can I do? Please answer me!! Thank you

  17. hello!! I need you help!! I have win 8.1 and my msn 2012 don´t work!!
    Code Error: 8009004

  18. Does that include windows 10 also, Jonathan?

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