Messenger Service now requiring HTTPS (and error code 80072efd)

In the last fortnight, Microsoft restricted previously revived or third-party Messenger clients to use HTTP access.  Yesterday, they improved security by requiring TLS instead of SSL.  Today, they’ve gone a step further and now require HTTPS, therefore making Messenger conversations encrypted to the Microsoft server.  Presently, the only non-modified desktop Messenger client to support this is Windows Live Messenger 2012.

For versions of Windows Live Messenger 2011, 2009 or 2008, you will get error code 80072efd and you will need to re-revive with Messenger Reviver 2.4.0 for Messenger to work.  For all other clients (Pidgin, Adium, other libpurple clients), where the option allows, you can continue to sign in by changing the Messenger server from to

If you wish to still use the major Windows Messenger 4 or 5 versions, Messenger Reviver 2.4.0 will patch those too.  In Reviver, choose the Advanced button and then Patch Messenger option to revive these older Windows Messenger clients.

At the moment, Messenger:mac will not be working.  Future versions of Messenger Reviver 2:mac should be able to fix it.


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  1. ok i have sended you email with the log file.can you check it please?

  2. also i tried windows live messenger 2011 at vista and the first time i try to login it gives an error but if you try second time it logs in and is if you close it and reopen you have to login 2 times to get in everytime.i dont know why.But still windows live 2009 at windows xp doesnt not login .is there a way to install windows live 2011 at windows xp somehow to avoid the fortmat?

  3. i would, but i dont know how… lol sorry for my bad english, im from germany ;D

  4. Now i can login without any problem and without changing anything

  5. i logged in too from windows xp on windows live 2009 without changing anything but im afraid to log out again!So if you can figure out what is the problem that would be great!

  6. now i have tried second time cause the first time i appeared as offline in the other messenger to other pc and it worked ok

  7. thank you very much for the reply and if we experience an error soon you will be informed sortly so you can figure out a new patch

  8. Hi there, having the same problem as the others. MSN 2009 with windows 7 and won’t connect for the past few hours, have re-revived with the latest reviver 3 times now and still nothing 😦

  9. With Messenger Reviver 2.4.0:

    Windows Messenger 4.7.0105 (unsupported)
    MSN Messenger 7.5.0324 (unsupported)

    I choose the Advanced button and then Patch Messenger option, but nothing happens.

  10. Hello, says that is already patched my msn, and I can not patch it with the 2.4 version of msn reviver . how I can fix this? thank you very much ! ( i have Wndows Live Hotmail msn 2009 14.0.8117.416 )

    • Unfortunately 2009 is no longer supported. You will need to upgrade to 2012 (if your Windows version allows) or Skype.

      • Hi Jonathan, leider kann ich nicht die wlm 2012 installieren ? Scheint immer “…. wlsetup-web.exe. ist keine zulässige Win32-Anwendung ”
        Wie kann ich wlm 2012 dann Downloaden ?
        Bitte hilf mir ! Danke

  11. hey. I have tried to login on msn messenger 7.5, but it gives me an error 80072efd. And i have checked compatibility to win2k, but still gives me an error. Therefore, i have tried to revive it using messenger reviver 2 but it says its unsupported.. how do i fix it? Thx. :))))

    • Unfortunately Messenger 7.5 uses an unsupported version of the Messenger protocol and it cannot be revived. The only client that can be revived successfully now is Windows Live Messenger 2012.

  12. Please solve my problem
    Error code is 80072efd

  13. Thanks for your assistance hotmail is now working again. Regards Frank

  14. Thanks to all for an outstanding work-around, have always liked messenger.

    Unfortunately the new Reviver is not working on my windows 10 ver. 1511 (10586.71). I have messenger 2012.

    Hoping for a fix 🙂

  15. It doesn’t work and i have Windows Live Messenger 2012 :/ (error 80072745)

  16. Hi Jonathan! You make a great work, you’re a genius.
    I have some questions. I have revived MSN with the most recent Reviver but when I sign in, I can’t because it says: Error Code 8100395. It seems that “it isn’t connected to Messenger Service”. But I have a friend that could do it and it works for him. We both are from Argentina. I would thank you I you help me!

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