Solving error 800488fe once again

In July of last year, a number of users found they couldn’t sign into Messenger and were receiving error code 800488fe. This appears to have started again today and additionally, you might have gotten an “Unusual sign-in activity” message like the following:

Unusual Sign-in

This would seem suspicious normally, but the IP address shown is actually the users real IP, so it seems to be a false positive and can be dismissed.  You can always check your account activity to verify this.

I’ve received this message myself in the last few hours on an account I only use for e-mail and never Messenger – so it seems Microsoft is having trouble with their security detection.

Like before, to solve the problem, just sign into with your Messenger Microsoft account (which may or may not require you do extra account verification) and then you should be able to sign into Messenger again.

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  1. Hello Jonathan.
    I wish to report that Microsoft is very very dilligent.
    I live in the Netherlands and for years did not log in outside of the country.
    Last month, I happened to be in France and the first time I tried to log in to Messenger, found the way blocked due to a nunusual sign in activity.
    After verifying it was myself in flesh and blood using an alternative mail aress blockade lifted.
    Afterwords I received a mail resembling what is posted now by you which corresponded exactly with the situation.
    Althogh I am not a big fun of Microsoft due to Messenger debacles as well as the XP drama, I have to admit that regarding security I have to admit thier procedure is just great and effective.

    • Greetings Amnon. For sure if Apple had such diligent security in place, the latest iCloud celebrity situation wouldn’t have happened 😉 It seems the system works well, I too can trigger the same event if I use a proxy. However, I think the only drawback of the false positives that I mention in the article above is that Messenger really has no way of communicating what the problem is (besides the error code). Although I prefer the security feature to be there than not.

  2. This is happening to me now and I don’t know how to fix it 😦

  3. Hello Jonathan.
    I have tried to send you a message by answering one of your mails but got no reply. Probably wrong procedure..
    Asof last saturday I am unable to sign in via Windows Live Messenger. I get a message that contact list is not available with code 85ae0010.
    Via Hotmail the list is available and chats are being performed normally but audio and/or video session is not possible. Some time hotmail does not log in to messenger or with a big delay.
    At the forum nobody seems to know any thing about such an issue and I get nocomment from a moderator.
    One forum participant reports having the same trouble.
    My contacts are having no trouble so thazt I assume issue is related to my account.
    Tried to make a new account with a non Microsoft e-mail address but this seems now to be impossible.
    I wonder whether you have a remedy for this issue and waiting eagerly for your reply. I wsih to continue using the Messenger.
    Many thanks in advance.
    With friendly greetings.

  4. Good evening Seana.
    I am not a lonely sufferer.
    Any idea how to proceed further?
    I try to make a connection to another occurance. If am not mistzaken, I noticed an azutomatic Microsoft update just before the current trouble started manifesting. Might be that Microsoft is adding another gimmick to harras us. I might be mistaken of couorse..
    Will Jonathan reply this evening?
    Are you in the USA? I am myself in Europe. Evening time now.

  5. Last evening I got a stupid reply from forum manager of Microsoft stating that Windows Live Messenger does not exist anymore.
    I am still trying to prove him it is a lie in broad day light.
    Wiil revert when next reaction comes.
    Any news for me? I need assistance urgently. Preferably before the weekend.
    Have a pleasant day..

    • Hi, I was having the same problem. Open man reviver again, click Advanced and select repair messenger. I just did that and now I can sign in again 🙂 hope it works for you!

      • Good evening Seana and many thanks for your comment.
        We crossed each other. Last night I did the same after exhausting all other options.
        Ran the reviver and as a magician vevived the Messenger.
        As far as I can judge, Microsoft managed to modify the Msmsgr.exe by manipulating with their last automatic update.
        Keepin touch in case ofotgher difficulties. My mail addres is : : : :

  6. plz how can I solve the problem 85ae0010?

  7. Good evening Jonathan.
    Is my suspicion correct and Microsoft azltered the MSmsgr.exe with an update? or am I wrong.
    In any case, I ran the reviver and the problem had been solved.
    Will appreciate your reply.

  8. Jonathan, YOU ARE MY HERO now tks to you i have my dear dear messenger again, the error code 80048820 it was fixed magically tks to you whit messenger reviver 2 4 0 from your page. Tks a lot, and THAKS for answer. LOVE YOU FOR EVER 😀 mi messenger and i will love you

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