Offline messaging broken

Offline messages in Messenger have always been stored on Hotmail (now, and with the e-mail count and notifications for in Messenger being removed recently, it was no surprise when the reports that offline messaging was no longer working.  I can sadly confirm that to be the case.

However, it’s more complicated than simply being gone.  Your offline messages can be triggered to be sent to you in Messenger… by using Skype.

If you want to try this yourself, link your Messenger Microsoft account to a Skype ID.  Then with Messenger signed in already, log into Skype using your normal Skype username (you could use your Microsoft account as well, but you don’t have to).  As soon as Skype logs in, your offline message will magically appear in Messenger.  Note this requires Messenger 2012, it does not seem to work on 2009.

Additionally, you can also see your offline messages by using’s web messaging feature by signing in with your Microsoft account (note that it does not need to be a Live/Hotmail address to work).





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  1. Hello Jonathan,,,,, What is this:

    Additionally, you can also see your offline messages by using’s web messaging feature?

    I am still using the Howard email notifier, which is good, but would always prefer to use the Live Messenger for email notifications. Ian.

    Date: Thu, 1 May 2014 03:57:46 +0000 To:

    • Greetings Ian. Sorry for any confusion. What I’m referring to is the messaging pane you’ll see when you click on the messaging icon at the top-right of the website. For example, if you see what I did in the video and then look at this screenshot, you’ll see the offline message shown in there too. just provides a way to retrieve your offline instant messages that you won’t get in Messenger any more. This has nothing to do with receiving e-mails.

  2. Well what I always do for messaging offline contacts since it is broken, I just direct email their Hotmail address. Have Howard linked to Windows Mail 2011.

  3. can you ”make” a fix it program so that can work on the 2009 version?

    • Greetings Alexis. Although I can’t say completely without researching it more, I think that would take too much time and I don’t think it’s really worth it.

  4. please jonathan, try to fix the problem

  5. Hi Jonathan. Maybe this problem will fix itself in the future, IF Microsoft make all Microsoft accounts linked to a Skype ID by default, i.e merge all Microsoft accounts with Skype IDs. Do you think Microsoft will even do it? Do you know if Microsoft have plans to do something like this?

    If Microsoft don’t do this, could you please try to fix this problem for WLM 2009 users? We would be forever grateful to you.

    • Greetings Devil. I’m not totally sure if I’m understanding your question (if not, I apologize) because at it stands now, if you sign into Skype using a never-used-Skype Microsoft account, it will automatically “merge” you with a brand new Skype account (the Skype accounts in the live:name format, so a Microsoft account becomes live:access Skype account). Also the word “merge” is the wrong term (although I realize they’re using it) as no merging of the services has yet to go on – you’re just signing into both services on Skype’s end – Messenger is still separate. If you’re asking me if that will happen, I think it’s possible but not in the short term.

      With regards to 2009 (which I also use), I admit I haven’t completely confirmed all my possible ideas that there’s no way to make this happen, my gut instinct is probably not.

  6. I would also like to add that Messenger (2009) stop having the ability to receive/send Group messages approximately at the end of February. Just a heads up for anyone using the “Group” feature.

  7. Khabib Nurmagomedov

    Hey Jonathan, I don’t know if you’re aware but on the 2012 version when you receive an url it is un-clickable. You have to constantly copy the links you receive which is a mundane process. Do you have a solution for this? Kind regards, Khabib.

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