Solve Messenger forgetting your username and password with Make Messenger Remember

Recently there has been an upsurge of problems regarding Windows Live Messenger “forgetting” Windows Live IDs after a Windows restart.  Although there are some known policies in Windows which can cause this to occur, after many hours of testing and research, the latest culprit appears to be the Yahoo Toolbar.

Uninstalling the toolbar will not address the problem as its installer causes damage to your Windows user profile’s registry.  To correct all possible causes of this problem, I have created Make Messenger Remember.

How to use
Just download the zip for Make Messenger Remember and run the executable contained inside.  Note: Make Messenger Remember will automatically restart Windows after completing its work, so be sure to close and save any data prior to beginning the process.

Choose the Fix button for Make Messenger Remember to make the necessary fixes and restart Windows.  After Windows starts again, start Messenger if its not set to automatically do so already, and verify that your Live ID and/or password have returned.  In some cases you may have to sign in manually at least more one time.

Windows XP/Vista
.NET Framework 2.0 or higher

Download Make Messenger Remember

Version history:
7/1/2009  1.0  Initial Release

Special thanks to MersauX, ilyaz and FYu for both testing and providing me the necessary data to create a fix to this problem.

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  1. This fixed my windows live login issue, however, I still have to enter my password in hotmail every time I try to access it from the messenger…

  2. Worked perfect. Big thanks!

  3. Thank you …… worked ! I couln\’t figure out what the problem was. Finally it is working perfectly now again :)Karen

  4. IT WORKED!!! Just applied the patch, rebooted and now Messenger remember to automatically log me in! System:Windows Live Messenger Version 2009 (Build 14-0.8089-726)Windows XP SP3, Fully patched and updated as of May 10th 2010

  5. It worked!!!! Thanks Jonathan!!!

  6. Thanks Jonathan XD

  7. How do we know this is safe?

    • Greetings Andi. How do you know any piece of software is safe?

      The answer is to look at the incentive for its existence, and if it’s free, why is it free? And most importantly, who is the author and are they trustworthy?

      The reason for its existence is to deal with three major issues which would cause the problem which would be ridiculously complex to write out instructions for or just to provide .reg files. It’s free because this is a technical blog from a Microsoft MVP. The author is me, a Microsoft MVP for 13 years, 50,000+ posts on Messenger alone who hasn’t been paid a cent for said work. I’ve actually had several offers to put harmless advertising into my utilities but I’ve declined them.

      But, please feel free to try it out in a virtual machine (like Virtualbox or XP Mode) to see exactly what it does to another system. Run it through anti-virus scanners, malware scanners, or whatever else. I really have nothing to hide here.

  8. Hi, i tried this and it didnt work for me. o Closed my msn, run the app, then my computer rebooted but everything was like before, it only remembers my old password, not my new one.

    Did i make something wrong? Should msn be on when i use the app?

    • Greetings Luis. Well the fix tries 3 different known issues which could cause Messenger not to remember any password, but the client remembering an old password isn’t specifically what it tries to resolve. What happens if you click the ‘forget me’ and then re-enter your credentials?

      If you’re still having problems, as a starting point I’ll need to know what Windows and Messenger versions you’re using.

  9. I have just formatted my pc – Win XP. Since then, my messenger and my Windows Live Mail refuse to log in automatically. They remember the login and passwords, but I have to click my way through. I do not have anything clearing my stored passwords and logins.

    Two things:
    1) The program above goes to an error page. Where can I find it to try?
    2) I have, I think, sorted the messenger issue out, though it’s not as important to me. Does anyone know why Windows Live Mail is coming up with a sign in splash-screen before I can even access the program?

  10. It’s a “gold star” from me. Fantastic. I wish every fix was as easy as this one. Magic!

  11. it doesnt work with the latest messenger of 2011 (15.4.3538)

  12. You are a genious! Thanks for the fix…it worked like a charm!

  13. Hi this has worked for me thanks, after you install this you will need to sign manually then restart computer once signed in

  14. Been trying to resolve this Password Problem for a LONG time!

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