Messenger server problems

Over the past 24-hours or so, it appears the Messenger servers have become desynchronized (or otherwise broken) and among other problems, are not reporting status information correctly.  So you’ll see contacts with a display name of just their e-mail address, contacts online when they’re not, contacts offline when they’re not, and problems messaging between these contacts.

Normally these problems get resolved pretty quickly and signing out/sign in fixes the problem.  Unfortunately In this case, it hasn’t proven to be very effective and these issues have been persisting.

Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

UPDATE: Everything seems back to normal now.


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  1. Hi, Jonathan! My name is Eduardo and I was hoping you could help me. I\’ve just installed the latest version of Messenger Live but when I try to login the little messenger figures just keep spining and then nothing happens. It just returns to the main screen where you enter your email and password. I\’ve tried to uninstall and install it again but that doesn\’t solve the problem. My email is and I\’d be very grateful if you can give me an answer.

  2. I have tried alot of methods. I have went to control panel and repaired it, restarted my computer.. etc. Still..Ever since i installed the new 2009 msn.People would add me and i wouldn\’t be able to see them online, but they can see me online. Their status isn\’t set online. Some contacts wouldn\’t even show on my list and some contacts would. I didn\’t add these contacts, they add me. And this doesn\’t happen when i add others. The contacts that can see me online but doesn\’t appear on my list, can talk to me and i can talk back. But it would say something like "this contact isn\’t on your list, click here to add to your list." And i try clicking the "click here" thing but nothing happens. The contacts that are on the list but are offline, they all don\’t have @hotmail instead they would have live or something and when i click on them, the internet explorer or mozilla would pop up taking me to my hotmail. Can anyone help to fix this problem? I think this has something to do with the Network. HELP ME! oh and this doesn\’t happen with the other accounts.

  3. Hi Jonatan,I have installed WL 2009 once before, and when I couldn`t log in, I`ve back to older version. Till today it works perfectly. I read all the indstruction about login error, and follow all the steps, but I can not log in. Please help!I try this, but only first link works for me.This error indicates a problem with Messenger on your machine, not a problem with theservice.You may be able to quickly solve the problem by installing the following components simply bydownloading the MSI files linked following and just running them to install: these are installed, try Messenger again.My e-mail krila_leptira@hotmail.comThank you in advance!

  4. Hi Jonathan,thanks for the make messenger remember software, it did work, meanwhile i saw the skype call button, i absolutely love the quality of skype for voice chats and video calls and would be thrilled to use it with WLM friends, however, when i tried installing the skype call button it said b4 i install it i need to install messenger lifechat, isn\’t the whole thing not requiring to use the headphones then why so, any way out for installing SCB only, please if so do drop me a msg at sanjayadixit@hot thanks again

  5. Hello Jonathan I Was Wondering If You Could Help Me, My Messenger Isnt Working Everytime I Try To Sign In It Comes Up As "Your Contact List Is Not Available Right Now, Please Try Again Later" I Have Now Tried This Several Times And It Still Isnt Working Also My Other Friends Are Experiencing This Problem If You Have Any Ideas On How To Fix This Or Know How To Solve This Problem Please Email Me On Thank You, Megan.

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