Signing in multiple times (MPOP) on a roaming profile with Windows Live Messenger 2009

The problem
If you’re logged in twice to two computers, using a roaming profile and you try to sign into Windows Live Messenger 2009 on two machines at once you will receive the message:

"You were signed out from here because you signed in to a version of Messenger that doesn’t let you sign in to more than one place.  Click here to sign in again.”

Of course this is incorrect as you are using a version that supports multiple points of presence (MPOP).

The problem stems from the fact that Messenger stores a GUID (a unique ID) of your computer in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MSNMessenger, MachineGuid registry key.  Since this key is the same within all logged in Windows sessions in your roaming profile, Messenger believes it to be the same machine.

The solution
The fix is to simply change the GUID each time Messenger runs.  To assist with this, I have written a quick application called MessengerStart that will automatically generate a new GUID, sets both the new GUID and your correct machine name and then finally starts Messenger for you.

Download MessengerStart setup
The setup program will automatically copy MessengerStart to your user profile, set itself to automatically start with Windows and disable Messenger from starting automatically on its own.  Additionally, a MessengerStart icon is added to your desktop so you can either move it to where you find it convenient or delete it.  You do not need administrative rights to use this setup.

Download MessengerStart executable
You can just put the executable where you want, create your own shortcuts and use it to start Messenger.

Where Windows Live Messenger 2009 works, MessengerStart will work.  32-bit and 64-bit supported.
Note: Unlike some of my other tools, MessengerStart is written in native C++ and does not require the .NET Framework

Special Thanks to Dom, Alex, Patty and Huuf


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