Christmas Tree

Earlier today I was assisting my mother in uploading some photos to Facebook.  Not only is it a rather painful process (even using the Photo Gallery plug-in as it never seems to remember your account), but she was rather perturbed when I pointed out that the images would be resized to an abysmally small size.

With that said I took some pictures of my Christmas Tree this year, signed into my Live ID using Photo Gallery, uploaded them to my SkyDrive account, opened up Writer here, clicked to add a Photo album and here it is:

Not only was it extremely convenient, but you get rich large images – you can even elect to keep them the original size but I thought that was a tad overkill.

Now the real question – why doesn’t Messenger support any of this rich integration?  How about linking people to my album in my personal message (yes I can copy/paste the link manually) or showing my albums in the display picture, backgrounds, or scenes selection windows?  It will show up in the what’s new feed, or my contact card, but that’s about it…


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  1. Why were you using the plug-in for uploading photos to Facebook? Just use their built-in uploader on their site.

  2. hey there, just today this happened: I was using my live messenger, everything was fine. I leave in a hurry, exit it with a window open, and the next time I come back the keyboard changed ONLY in MSN. As in, it went suddenly italian keyboard in my conversations…. what should I do to get it back to normal?

  3. Jonathan. thankyou very much with the help on the live msngr. works fantastic, your a genious.use to live in huron park, south of exeter, now in calgary. all the best.

  4. my windows live messenger (os vista ultim)says "Your sharing files are not yet available. Try again in a minute" when I try to open the sharing files. It has been a week. My messenger quit and I had to copy it from my back up hard drive, because I could not reinstall it from the net as it kept saying I already have it installed ….although I deleted everything that I could including register.

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