Music Mix activity not functional

Earlier this week it was pointed out to me that the Music Mix activity wasn’t working.  As of Saturday, December 20th, it is still not functional and does appear to be broken at Microsoft as opposed to something broken in Messenger (the client running on your PC) or on specific computers.

UPDATE (January 26/09): I’ve been checking this problem off and on since it was reported over a month ago and it seems that they’ve recently actually removed Music Mix from most locales’ "Activities" menus.  It does still appear if you have your Windows Live ID set to Australian however (there may be other locales too that I haven’t checked), and the activity is still broken as below.

If you want to try it, click the Activities button in the conversation window, choose Music Mix and have your contact accept the invitation.  If it is still not working, you’ll receive the “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” error:

What’s displayed here is actually debugging information for the server, not your local computer.  That said, you won’t find this mentioned App_Web_pywtlnzh.3.cs file on your own PC nor will uninstall/installing or other so-called “solutions”.  Additionally, it doesn’t matter which locale your Live ID is set to or what version you’re using, they all will fail with this message.

This post will be updated once the problem has been corrected. 


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  1. Even when it was working, it wasn\’t.

  2. I\’ve sent mail internally escalating this to the network operations center. Thanks Jonathan.

  3. Not work for me too.

  4. its says u have to have this instaled to delete it but have got msn beta just not the 2009 version where do i find how to uninstal the one i have ?

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