Windows Live Messenger (and probably all wave 3) releases February 10th, 2009

Just got a message regarding my MSN Direct Smart Watch from Microsoft, it reads:

The upcoming version of Windows Live Messenger 9.0 (Beta Date 9/17/08/Release to market date 2/10/08) will NOT work on your Smart Watch device. If you would like to continue using this feature on your smart watch, we recommend that you do NOT upgrade to Windows Live Messenger 9.0 and continue to use your existing version. Thank you for your support.

If you experience any difficulties, please visit or call MSN® Direct Customer Service at 1.866.658.7032.

Thank you.

So it seems that the final version of Live Messenger 2009 is due for February 10, 2009 (assuming “Live Messenger 9.0” is meaning Live Messenger 2009, version 14 and 2008 being 2009; which I don’t think is a stretch).  It’s a bit disappointing that this functionality is being removed considering I do pay for it.  Alas, it was never used all that much anyway, especially since the option only showed up when set to the US or Canada locale.


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