The MessengerSays blog has been updated once again this week.  Although it’s for US only, you might actually be interested in the announced contest for the game Jigsaw Too.  Jigsaw Too is actually a rather cool game and prior to the full roll-out to more countries, I used to use my Australian Live ID just to play it.

But — where’s feedback from all the publicity caused from their last entry?  After the announced changes of the last Messenger mandatory upgrades, MSN Messenger 7 was quickly re-released with XP compatibility (in the installer).  That particular incident was the first where it seemed the Messenger team had listened to their community, took an action based on that feedback and it all took less than a week.  I was actually pretty impressed at the time since it wasn’t typical behavior.  And yes, we don’t know all the issues and politics involved internally at Microsoft over this particular decision, but at least they could acknowledge that they heard us.

A "good suggestion, thanks" at least?

Furthermore, why wasn’t anything said about this week’s Live ID outage (which affected Messenger sign-ins)?  I’m afraid MessengerSays seems more like Messenger PressPass.  It generally seems more like personalized press releases rather than an actual blog.

Come on Messenger team, step up the plate; we’re ready to play.


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