To access, you must install spyware

UPDATE: to kill these things, see at bottom…

So, you had issues with Messenger Plus! Live having optional adware?  Wait till you see what other people have been up to!  Are you ready to install Zango?

Great, just what I always wanted.  I think I’ll pass and click No.

Click OK and you get access to that page.  But guess what, it’s back when you go to the next page, and the next, and the next.

It’s one thing to support your web site, but all Vistastyles does is paste links to other people’s work on deviantart.  Is Adsense not sufficient for this?  Why should anyone get adware money for someone else’s hard work?  Say what you will about Messenger Plus! Live’s optional adware, but at least the monies earned go to the author who slaved away to create the software.

I’m certainly not going to have any qualms about writing a quick regex to scrape the site and provide it zango-free to my RSS reader.

UPDATE: After a quick view>source, all you have to do is set in your hosts file to redirect to nowhere-land (like and you don’t see this nonsense anymore.

For those who aren’t familiar with Zango, you may know them by their former names, 180solutions or Hotbar and their long legal history.


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  1. Genius! I\’ve spent hours trying to find a fix for this little nugget … Thanks! S.

  2. Hey jonathan. You are a genius man. I tried everything and all kind of tricks to uninstall the live msn messenger 2009 but it didn,t work but with ur zam messenger, it removed everything. Thank you. I suggest u guys to use that too cuz even if u uninstall the windows live msn messenger from add remove programme, still u won<t be able to install the olda version unless u clean it with zapmessenger.

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