Heroes Happen Here Launch 2008

I really think Microsoft Canada wants me to register for their Heroes Happen Here Launch.

Take a look:

Just to clarify, they’re sending it to two of my e-mail addresses they have on file (which is why it’s doubled up) and to three of their newsletters.  Unfortunately I can’t stop the doubling of e-mails very easily.  I’m unable to unsubscribe from the old address since it’s not connected to a Live ID and simply got pushed through the system over the years.  Yes I could unsubscribe from my newest Live ID connected address, but I prefer it to go to that e-mail.

Still, it really would be great if they could merge their lists together and have one single launch e-mail.

I don’t believe I’m going either, the Vista launch was rather a bore, never mind how Shawn and I almost were kicked out due to age requirements last time.

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