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Generally unnoticed by mainstream media as per typical Trek news, the entire team got pink slips yesterday.  11 days before Christmas and a thriving hard-working web site staff is axed off?  Happy Holidays from CBS. has remained fresh with new content for over 3 years even though there hasn’t been a single new Star Trek episode or film since 2004.  The site not only has regular news, an up-to-date store, but there’s even a Star Trek comic which updates (till now) 3 times a week.  It doesn’t make any sense; we’re exactly 1 year and 10 days away from a new film and they cut the primary website for the entire Star Trek franchise? 

Many years ago was actually and were required to be an MSN subscriber to access the site.  Through much work I did actually gain access to the site content, but I was pleased when the MSN contract ended and it became available to everyone. 

Although many fan-owned sites exist like the Memory-Alpha wiki project, TrekToday, and the TrekMovie report, they all link back to  It is the hub of all canon Star Trek information and Wikipedia articles link to directly in its links as a reliable source.

It may even be worth trying to mirror the entire site as at this point I could imagine them redirecting to the upcoming movie’s website and eliminating it from cyberspace completely.

In the past, Paramount [CBS] was sued from Activison for "not promoting" the Star Trek brand and although it took over a year, it was eventually settled.  Hopefully perhaps the current licensees like Bethesda Softworks have similar agreements that would get the site back rolling.

Official farewell
TrekMovie coverage


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  1. Hi Jonathan,
    My configuration is: pavilion core 2 duo, 2gb, vista premium,,WLM 8.5.
    I\’ve error 80072ee7, of course I tried your suggest (all) in main page: (/flusdns  and all), my problem when inntall eset internet security.
    Now, is installed avast antivirus and windows firewall, but the error is same.
    Unfortuntatelly, I can\’t star webmessenger, too.
    More data:
    conection troubleshoting show DNS and ports error, of course, repair button don\’t resolve.
    @ tool/options/conection/ the test TCP say: (81000388)
    Please, HELP ME!!!!!

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