The blame game

From microsoft.public.windowsxp.messenger today…

From: <>
Subject: The authority function of the live blog is penetrated
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2007 07:56:01 -0800

I have a blog on the Live Spaces. Sometimes I make jokes on the Chinese
government on my blog. I do not want the Chinese net policemen to see it, so
I restricted my blog access, allowing only my authorized friends to read my

I used google to search and I can’t find blog, so I am happy with this
function. However, one day I used the Chinese search engine,
and my blog is on the search results list. More scary, I can read my article
using the ‘cached contents’ function of Baidu.

I am angry. Microsoft did not do enough to protect users privacy. I hope the
Live technitians can see this message and fix this bug.

I will try to get to Live later.

Here is my reply for fun

From: "Jonathan Kay [MVP]"
Subject: Re: The authority function of the live blog is penetrated
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2007 19:28:23 -0500


I’ll have Microsoft send in our elite MVP squadron to infiltrate the Baidu network operations center and have your pages removed immediately.

Seriously though, I’m curious what you expect them to do to "protect your privacy"?  If you write something online without explicitly protecting it, a search engine will find it —  especially on a major blog site like Spaces.  It is then up to that search engine to come back again and discover it’s gone, not to mention updating its index removing your content (and their cache thereof).

Google obviously updates its index more often than Baidu does.  I’m afraid in this case, the only person you can be angry with is yourself.  There is no bug here.

Jonathan Kay

Unfortunately, I forgot to specifically state that Baidu must have indexed it before he restricted it, since that may not be obvious.  Here’s the thread in question.  I doubt there will be any follow-ups.


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  1. Very funny, but I hope the guy seriously doesn\’t get in trouble or whatever.

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