No wonder OS X has no corporate market

When you accept the following in the final release:


So apparently Leopard OS X can only connect to ancient Windows PCs that use CRTs when they’ve crashed (which is more than likely due to installing QuickTime).  Real classy Steve.  From the Wired Gadget Lab


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  1. Old news :-p It\’s just a harmless joke move along

  2. hah!  I hadn\’t seen this…joke indeed.

  3. "Harmless jokes" don\’t belong in professional grade software unless they\’re well hidden (like the old ancient Microsoft easter eggs), not blatantly obvious to anyone. 
    Wearing a hawaiian shirt under your clothes in a business meeting is one thing, but actually walking into the meeting in a hawaiian shirt is another.  For instance, if it wasn\’t there as the default icon, but simply in there for to be selected, I really wouldn\’t care so much.
    Regardless, I expect more from a multi-billion dollar corporation.

  4. Hi Jonathan
    My configuration is: pavilion core 2 duo, 2gb, vista premium,,WLM 8.5.
    I\’ve error 80072ee7, of course I tried your suggest (all) in main page: (/flusdns  and all), my problem when inntall eset internet security.
    Now, is installed avast antivirus and windows firewall, but the error is same.
    Unfortuntatelly, I can\’t star webmessenger, too.
    More data:
    conection troubleshoting show DNS and ports error, of course, repair button don\’t resolve.
    @ tool/options/conection/ the test TCP say: (81000388)
    please, HELP ME!!!!!

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