Worlds Frustrating Contest

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of the "World’s Best App" Contest that started in September.  There have been plenty of submitted applications, and you should check them out.

However, as nearly everyone has noted, the one I got (nearly) everyone to try out *still* isn’t up.
Initially I made my little application back when the contest started.  It didn’t take too long to prove that my concept worked and then I left it for a few weeks.  Then in October, it was announced that they would add an incentive; $200 Amazon gift certificates for the first five approved applications.  So, I spent a few nights rewriting the application, adding a snazzy UI and then finally submitting it.

That was over three weeks ago.  It still isn’t up.
A week after I submitted my application, I got an e-mail that stated the following:
Thank you for your submission to the MSN Messenger Worlds Best App Contest. Unfortunately, your entry has been rejected for the following reason: Excluded Under Terms of Use. See the official rules for submission guidelines. The following additional text was supplied to help you diagnose the issue: Missing msgrp2p.xml file upon initial submission.
Please re-submit your application, including the msgrp2p.xml file.
So that’s fine, except that the form itself requires you to have the msgrp2p.xml file included and not only won’t submit the form without the XML file, but actually -validates- the file before a submission goes through.  How could it be "missing"?

I replied to them and carbon copied someone at Microsoft, attached my XML file and set to high priority.  A reply wasn’t immediately coming so I figured I’d follow the advice of the e-mail and simply send it again, unfortunately that proved to be fruitless as the form dutifully informed me that my application was "already submitted".

So, 5 days later I do get a reply indicating that I’m not the first to report the problem and that they’ll look into it.  That was on the 2nd of November and today is the 11th.  A friend of mine at Microsoft managed to get me an answer that I’d get at least some communication by them within 24 hours on Wednesday but of course here I am writing this on Friday and have yet to get anything.

I do encourage you to check out the currently submitted applications, because some of them are really quite cool.  At the moment my favourites are Cartoon Memory and Hangman (of course I have to mention TB’s Tankwars, but I’ve gotten sick of that now). 
Unfortunately for me the press for these applications has already gone out to major Messenger news sites and all the various Messenger blogs so the chances of me even having a remote chance of winning anything in this contest is basically none.
Good luck on your own applications!

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  1. hahahaha @ "if you\’re reading this, you\’ve probably seen…" <– hehehe

  2. It\’s okay, Jon. I still think you\’re sexy.

  3. can you email me instructions how to set up a contact card on msn messenger please and thank you!!!

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